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Monologues by R. James Scott

60 pages

60 pages.

Looking at life not frontwards, not backwards, not sidewards, but slantwards, this collection of haunting and poetic monologues will have your actors deeply involved in character and committed to what is wanted the objective. Many of the characters they paint, from a presidential assassin to a human duck, are intriguing, quirky, and entertaining. There is a clear through-line of thought. These monologues run from 2 to 8 minutes in length and are ideal for community theatre auditions or for college classroom work.

  Mystery Plays On The Air

Skit by

20 pages

Turn down the lights in your classroom and let your actors raise some goosebumps as they read and create the sound effects for these radio

Turn down the lights in your classroom and let your actors raise some goosebumps as they read and create the sound effects for these radio plays. "The Pool" (5 characters) is about a hidden pond with enticingly deadly waters "The Mask" (4 characters) is about a tribal mask which has powers to change looks and "The Message" (7 characters) is about a fax machine which sends warningsby itself.

  Never The Same

Resource by Dennis Bush

56 pages

Script: 56 pages

Your actors will delve into these pieces with relish and your audiences will identify with all the characters, humorous and heartbreaking alike. All of the material has been workshopped and performed by high school-age actors as well as by professional performers. The collection features 16 monologues and 5 scenes for 2 characters. Of the monologues, 9 are for females and 7 for males, though some gender switching is workable. The material runs the gamut from quirky comedy to emotional and dramatic. Many of the pieces center on relationships, everything from "Red Vine Kiss," about the yo...

  Not Just A Brick In The Wall

Resource by Nancy Zelenak

76 pages

Script: 76 pages.

In scenes and monologues the world of troubled teenagers comes to vivid life on your stage. These kids, however, have problems that we can all relate to. Theft, physical and emotional abuse, teenage pregnancy, the death of a friend, gangs, child/parent conflict, loneliness, drugs, and other issues are talked about with candor and freshness. Ideal for classroom work, auditions, and competitions. Also provides an evening of understanding and connecting to each other.

  One-Act Dramas

Skit by

21 pages

"Road Not Taken" (5 parts) shows a couple being married while in school means difficult choices "Gun Laws, Anyone," (2 parts) shows the hum

"Road Not Taken" (5 parts) shows a couple being married while in school means difficult choices "Gun Laws, Anyone," (2 parts) shows the human side of the issue "Game of Life" (3 parts) forces a sports hero to choose between art and athletics.

  Plays For Teen Actors - Vol II

Resource by Elaine Taylor, O.P.

61 pages

mostly flexible in gender to include as many students as possible.

Enjoy these three short plays in your middle school or junior high classroom. All three plays have roles which are mostly flexible in gender to include as many students as possible. The plays have interesting plots, easy settings, and short, easy-to-learn lines. Your student actors will have fun developing and portraying the varied characters. Young actors will enjoy performing them for their classmates and parents, too!


“Murder in the Cloister” - 9 characters+ extras. Who would murde...

  Radio Suspense Plays

Skit by

17 pages


Three radio skits ideal for beginning drama students. Voices must convey all action, emotion, and mounting suspense. Skits include "The Witness" (8 parts), "The Mound" (4 parts) and "The Bonfire" (6 parts).

  Remember When

Resource by

40 pages

40 pages.

The fun and sometimes painful process of growing up is examined with wit and pathos in this collection of 52 monologues. Most are short and easy to perform, designed with the young actor in mind. A wide variety of topics are covered including fitting in, the child inside, friendship, being scared, dreaming, the opposite sex, and how people change. Some monologues naturally group together and can be performed together for an ensemble feel such as being in a family and firsts and lasts.

  Skits 24/7

Resource by Dwayne Lee Yancey

0 pages

69 pages.

Here's a collection of 24 skits, 7 of them Shakespeare related, just perfect for the thespians in your class. It doesn't get any funnier than "The Copyright Violation," where Alicia's new cartoon tattoo, done on a somewhat private location of her body, violates Mega Studio's copyright. All the studio requires is that she displays the tattoo whenever they specify! In "Math Is a Killer," a student justifies his incomplete math homework - and fears! - as he relates the fatal outcomes of some of the most famous mathematicians of Ancient Greece. And students will clamor to perform these uniq...

  Ten Funny Skits

Resource by

48 pages

By Doris Kirkendall

These ten skits are lots of fun for older actors. Skits vary from six actors in "How to Play Golf and Other Foolish Games" to only two readers in "Presidential Primary Party Picnic." Includes a pantomime, "The Board Meeting," and the costume ideas and monologue for a silly fashion show.

  Time To Shine

Resource by Craig Sodaro

76 pages

Winning Scenes for Classroom and Competition

Every one of the 20 scenes in this collection was chosen to give middle and high school actors a time to shine, whether it’s in the classroom, at competition, or onstage. Some of the scenes are comic and fun, while others serious or even tragic. The actors will find an additional challenge creating characters from different time periods in which these scenes take place: from early Roman to medieval days, from the Civil War to World War II, and from the ‘60s to current day.

  Totally Teen Women: 50 Monol..

Resource by Deborah L. Jacobson

0 pages

Script: 60 pages.

Here is a medley of monologues about the time in a woman's life that is the most volatile and profound: her teen years. Each monologue is about a peak moment in the lives of 50 teen women, trying to communicate their ideas and share their feelings. Every selection provides a variety of intense emotions in the language that teens speak. Each monologue is a short story on its own, with a beginning, middle, and end. Even though any one of the monologues can be completed in brief minutes, its speaker is three-dimensional, its content evolves thoroughly, and its ending provides the impact requi...

  Trials & Tribulations ...

Skit by Christina Hamlett

14 pages

15 flexible

Fairy Tale court is now in session! Picture Cinderella taking her godmother to court because her coach turned into a pumpkin. Or how about the poor prince who was transformed into a frog? Numerous small parts make this a snap to produce.

  Twist And Turns - 20 Monol...

Resource by

0 pages

Resource: 35 pages.

This collection of monologues presents real issues teens deal with every day, yet each has a surprising twist at the end. Every topic gets its due, from dating to driving, curfews to computers, and smoking to sports. The dramatic material is handled with great sensitivity while the comedic monologues are hilarious and fun. The collection is equally divided for male and female performers, including four monologues for either gender. Performance suggestions and directorial notes are included for each. There is something for everyone in this collection, which is ideal for auditions, classroom ...

  Word By Any Other Name

Skit by

11 pages

4 narrators (can be adapted to more)

Here's a fascinating look at many of the beautiful, colorful, musical words that are thrown into the melting pot that makes up the English language. "Word" tells how peoples' names and ideas become such common parts of speech we don't even think about them.