All the Things I Want to Say

Book By: Daniel S Kehde
Play #: 2277
Pages: 60 pgs
Cast: Monologue Collection

Here is another monologue collection written by the ever-popular Dan Kehde who, because of his full-time work with teens in theatre, can give an honest voice to their thoughts and emotions. These serious, and at times, humorous monologues tell the stories of more than 20 teens and their struggles to cope with a variety issues. In "Will's Excuse," a student pens his own unique version of the "dog-ate-my-homework" excuse - a classic of which even Shakespeare would be proud! In "Notes From a Best Friend," a student faces feelings of grief and guilt after her best friend commits suicide. One touching monologue shows the prejudice against those overweight, while two other monologues give insight to the aftermath of 9/11. From joyous to sorrowful and everything in-between, this collection is a wonderful resource.

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SERENA HIGH SCHOOL 1 Performance(s)
SERENA, IL 10/20/2021
IHS DRAMA 1 Performance(s)
SAN JOSE, CA 4/30/2021

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