Important Things in My Life

Book By: Daniel S Kehde
Play #: 2286
Pages: 50 pgs
Cast: Resource Book

The thoughts, hopes, fears, dreams - the important things in the lives of teens - are explored honestly in this collection of 18 monologues. For humor, two of our favorites are "Studs," about trying to don a tux for the first time while running late for the prom, and "Bubbacar," about a teen's first car which is so ugly it should only be driven at night. We can all identify longing for Saturdays after tough school days in "Making It to the Weekend," or laugh at the frustration in "The Proper Way to Wear a School Uniform." In addition to those typical "teen problems," other issues, ones we wished young people never had to face, are also covered. These mature subjects include "Dear Mom," (the suicide of a parent); "When Mother Comes Home Drunk" (alcoholism); and "How Far Have You Gone With a Guy?" (sexuality). Genuine and poignant, these monologues will engage your actors and your audiences alike.

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