Director's Survival Notebook

Item #: 2300

Our ever-popular Notebook, designed for the frazzled who juggle day jobs with directing at night, is updated and better than ever. The information, reminders, forms, charts, checklists and multitude of tips are now organized into three main sections: pre-production (which often runs longer than the show itself) production (beginning with auditions) and post-production (the shortest time). Our Survival Notebook will help you stay on track and organized providing such items as typical a production schedule, planning calendars, audition and evaluation information, costume and make-up charts, expense logs, props planning sheet, light cue sheet, publicity planning, program checklists, inventory sheets and more. We produce the Notebook in its own 3-ring binder with pockets to hold the multitude of receipts and notes and we even include a bright highlighter. Save time, energy, and your nerves. The Director's Survival Notebook is a must-have!

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