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  Stuck at Home

Comedy by Bryan Starchman

60 pages

Minimum 4 m, 2 w, 2 flexible, 2 offscreen voices. Maximum 15 m, 13 w, 2 flexible, 3 offscreen voices.

Join this hilarious family as they struggle to endure being stuck at home – together! Why is the WiFi out, and will their old-school solutions work when all the needed cords are missing from the junk drawer? Will the family secure two-ply rolls of toilet paper in trade negotiations with Grandma? Wait… what has each of them been using? How many family game nights can teens endure? How are the pets holding up? What foods (or beverages!) are critical enough to make a special run to the grocery store? How do first dates and book clubs work while social distancing...

  Unmarried To Barry

i-Monologue by Dennis Bush

2 pages

By Dennis Bush

From laughter, to giggling, to crying, Sheila, a bride, tells how she left her future husband standing at the altar because of his name. (comedy)

  Day The Church Picnic.

i-Scene by Dwayne Lee Yancey

7 pages

By Dwayne Yancey

A young lawyer has come to try to spring his/her client from the county jail. The client is a prim and proper older woman who has been charged with assault, malicious wounding, destruction of property, and even resisting arrest! And all at the church picnic!

  A Lot Of Hooey

i-Monologue by Dennis Bush

2 pages

By Dennis Bush

Helen is an older woman, clearly well-bred and wealthy. She recalls when women only had their name in the newspaper for their wedding or obituary - a bunch of hooey! She's gonna change that. She's dedicating all her money to improve coverage of women in the media! (drama)

  Day The Circus Tigers.

i-Scene by Dwayne Lee Yancey

2 pages

By Dwayne Yancey

Two tigers are in their cages backstage at the circus. The ANGRY TIGER is pacing nervously back and forth; the LAZY TIGER is taking things easy. The Angry Tiger is frustrated how he will have to jump through a hoop and balance on a ball. The Lazy Tiger reminds him he'll at least get a treat. The Angry Tiger decides it's time to get his own "treat."

  Four-Leaf Clover, The

i-Scene by Dwayne Lee Yancey

3 pages

by Dwayne Yancey

A young couple is sitting on a blanket having a picnic. The woman spots a four-leaf clover. She's excited. He is not.

  Online Breakups Gone Wrong

Comedy by Bradley Walton

30 pages

18 Characters

The internet makes everything easier, whether it’s staying connected with old friends, shopping, or breaking up with your significant other. But just because online breakups are easier doesn’t mean they’re a good idea. As seen in these eleven vignettes, the results can be awkward, unpredictable, and hilarious.

  Microwave! In the Cafeteria

Comedy by Bradley Walton

24 pages

18 roles any gender. Doubling possible.

It appeared without warning on a Monday, its origins shrouded in mystery. A week later, it had vanished without a trace. But across the days between, it changed cafeteria life in ways that no one could have imagined. It was a microwave oven, so ancient and decrepit that some believed it to have come from an Egyptian pyramid. Now, in a series of hilarious monologues suitable for stage or online presentation by a gender-flexible cast of 1 to 18 performers …its story will finally be told.

  Elves: Disaster in the Control Room

Christmas by Mollie Ottenhoff

17 pages

Flexible cast of 13


We are in the control room of Santa’s Elves on Christmas Eve—our view is exactly what Santa sees on his sleigh monitors. Santa is about to take off, and we are getting an inside look at how that happens from the control room monitors. Papa Elf is retiring next year after 108 years in charge. Spark is in the lead this year, and if all goes well, he/she will be the next Chief Elf. But a disaster awaits that just might cancel Christmas...

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  Three Little Pigs and Other Storytelling Tales

Storytelling by Evan Guilford-Blake

38 pages

2 to 12

There’s nothing like real, live storytellers to catch the imagination of youngsters. With these six tales, each told by a pair of storytellers, students can go on an enchanted voyage, whether they’re in a classroom, cafeteria or theatre. Let your young audiences, from kindergarten through 6th grade, connect, learn, and be entertained through these inventive scripts in one of the oldest forms of entertainment -- storytelling! Running from 6 to 12 minutes each, they include “The Cat, the Mouse and the Huge Pot of Cheese,” the Aesop tale of the two traditional e...

  Echoes of Ireland

Drama by Brian C Petti

24 pages

2m, 2w

Echoes of Ireland is a series of four interrelated monologues that follow the saga of a single Irish family from County Cork in 1860 to present day New York City. Beginning five years after the end of the potato famine in Ireland, Echoes sees the Cunygham clan on their journey across the ocean to the ports of Manhattan, through the lowly existence of immigrant life in the States, to the assimilation and rebirth of their family as American citizens who never forget from whence they came. The journey is part tragedy, part comedy, part history lesson and all und...

  I Remember What You Did

i-Monologue by Dennis Bush

2 pages

By Dennis Bush

April is confronting a man she hoped never to see again. She feels threatened that he's somehow gotten into the house again, angry that he used to hit her mother, and furious that he had come after her as well. She realizes no one is to blame but him. She could almost kill him. (drama)

  Daddy's Little Girl

i-Monologue by Dennis Bush

4 pages

By Dennis Bush

Meredith, a young woman, flies home to visit her father who is battling cancer. They talk about their common love, baseball, all day. Once back home, she begins to call her parents almost daily and is told not to worry-until one call when he father urges her to go out to dinner and think of him. He dies that night with a picture of her in his hand and a baseball game playing on TV. (drama)

  Happily Ever After

Skit by Claudia Haas

11 pages

2 m, 5 w

Five well-loved fairy tale princesses have had it! Married one year, they are definitely not living happily ever after. Rapunzel is tired of her long hair, Pia is tired of peas under her mattresses or any other test, Cinderella is tired of cleaning, and Aurora of Sleeping Beauty fame is just tired period! Snow White, leader of the princesses, helps them present their cases to King Frog while Prince Charming tries to defend himself and his brothers. But why should the princesses wait for the king's decision? They take matters into their own hands to live happi...

  Picasso Pickup Scenes for Teen Actors

Resource by Daniel S Kehde

76 pages

Resource Book

These 22 dialogues present unique acting challenges that will stretch your teen thespians. The anthology is divided into two sections. "Then" features historical pieces such as Mary Surratt shortly before her execution for her involvement in the assassination of President Lincoln, and Marie Antoinette's maids on the eve of the French Revolution. "Now" offers contemporary situations such as the excitement and anxiety of a first date, how to deal with one's reputation, and difficulties with parents. Each scene requires investigating the characters' specific tim...