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  You're Making A Scene!

Comedy Drama by Bryan Starchman

89 pages

Script: 87 full-sized, reproducible pages

This dynamic collection of 25 stand-alone scenes and monologues is a perfect resource for classroom, competition, or stage. The diverse material was carefully selected from playwright Bryan Starchman’s most popular shows. From playful monologues, such as “The Lunch Lady Cometh," to the more profound “And I Did Nothing,” this book provides material relevant to teenagers. Scenes include options for two to five, mostly gender-flexible actors, and use minimal sets and costumes. All of the scenes have been deftly edited so that it is not necessary to be familiar with the original play. Some a...

  Comedy Duo - Teens

Resource by Laurie Allen

72 pages

72 pages.

This collection of humorous duets draw on everyday teen situations. Of the 25 comedy scenes, 9 are arranged for 1 male/1 female, while the rest are divided between 2 male actors and 2 female actors. Some titles include "A Close Call," "Stage Fright," "The Excuse," "A Big Baby," "The Assignment," "Ghost Stories," "The Zero," and many more. The scenes are short and manageable making them ideal for classrooms, auditions, and speech contests. Please contact the publisher for a reasonable royalty fee when the entire collection is used as an evening of entertainment.

  To Prom Or Not To Prom?

i-Monologue by Wade Bradford

2 pages

By Wade Bradford

From a new play, "Promedy" by Wade Bradford, this monologue is delivered by the normally bookish Beatrix Holiday, the 17-year old president of the student body. After her "ex-friend" deviously cancels the prom, Beatrix decides to find a way to bring back the end-of-the-year dance. In this monologue, Beatrix explains to her fellow student why prom means so much to her.

  Comedy Mono - Young Actors

Resource by Larry Hillhouse

48 pages

48 pages.

This collection of more than 30 monologues is just right for junior high students. Some monologues keep their roots in the fairy tale world but bloom with humor such as the “Big Bad Wolf Building Inspector,” and ”Johnny Appleseed, the Litterer.” Others feature famous folks and what they might have said or done such as “General Custer’s Muster,” “Robin Hood’s State of the Forest Address,” and “Crisis With Chris Columbus.” In class or onstage, students will love the humor of these monologues.

  Echoes of Ireland

Drama by Brian C Petti

24 pages

2m, 2w

Echoes of Ireland is a series of four interrelated monologues that follow the saga of a single Irish family from County Cork in 1860 to present day New York City. Beginning five years after the end of the potato famine in Ireland, Echoes sees the Cunygham clan on their journey across the ocean to the ports of Manhattan, through the lowly existence of immigrant life in the States, to the assimilation and rebirth of their family as American citizens who never forget from whence they came. The journey is part tragedy, part comedy, part history lesson and all und...

  Classroom Drama

Resource by Judy Millar

45 pages

Here is a complete three to five-week lesson plan resource book which includes puzzles, activities, and guides for teaching drama to Englis

Here is a complete three to five-week lesson plan resource book which includes puzzles, activities, and guides for teaching drama to English or beginning drama classes. It teaches basic theatrical history, etiquette, memorization, characterization, theatrical vocabulary and much more. The first section is for the teacher's use, while the second section (with new page numbers) consists of reproducible worksheets for your students. The curriculum culminates in your class being anxious and ready to produce, both onstage and off, their first play.

  Coffee With Kiffie

i-Monologue by Daniel S Kehde

3 pages

By Dan Kehde

A teenage girl at a coffee shop tells about the fight for control with her father, a stubborn man quick to anger. She knows what buttons to push to make him react with violence. Then she must lie about the cause of her bruises.


Comedy by Eva Vowles

56 pages

Flexible Cast

Welcome to “Kidskits,” a collection of ten humorous skits for stage or classroom. The short, reproducible skits can be put together with a limited number of rehearsals and require little in the way of props, costumes, lighting or sound. To avoid the problem of memorizing lines, students may hold their scripts for most performances. A touch of melodrama can only enhance the scripts’ inherent silliness. Suitable for children of various ages and reading ability, including classes of emotionally and/or physically challenged students. Skits include: 

  Totally Teen Women: 50 Monol..

Resource by Deborah L. Jacobson

0 pages

Script: 60 pages.

Here is a medley of monologues about the time in a woman's life that is the most volatile and profound: her teen years. Each monologue is about a peak moment in the lives of 50 teen women, trying to communicate their ideas and share their feelings. Every selection provides a variety of intense emotions in the language that teens speak. Each monologue is a short story on its own, with a beginning, middle, and end. Even though any one of the monologues can be completed in brief minutes, its speaker is three-dimensional, its content evolves thoroughly, and its ending provides the impact requi...

  Trials & Tribulations ...

Skit by Christina Hamlett

14 pages

15 flexible

Fairy Tale court is now in session! Picture Cinderella taking her godmother to court because her coach turned into a pumpkin. Or how about the poor prince who was transformed into a frog? Numerous small parts make this a snap to produce.

  Twist And Turns - 20 Monol...

Resource by

0 pages

Resource: 35 pages.

This collection of monologues presents real issues teens deal with every day, yet each has a surprising twist at the end. Every topic gets its due, from dating to driving, curfews to computers, and smoking to sports. The dramatic material is handled with great sensitivity while the comedic monologues are hilarious and fun. The collection is equally divided for male and female performers, including four monologues for either gender. Performance suggestions and directorial notes are included for each. There is something for everyone in this collection, which is ideal for auditions, classroom ...

  Unmarried To Barry

i-Monologue by Dennis Bush

2 pages

By Dennis Bush

From laughter, to giggling, to crying, Sheila, a bride, tells how she left her future husband standing at the altar because of his name. (comedy)

  Voodoo And Cake

i-Monologue by Dennis Bush

2 pages

By Dennis Bush

Cassie, in her late teens, is fiercely intelligent and very impulsive. She is planning her revenge on a nurse, revenge which includes biting a Barbie, because she doesn't have a needle or voodoo doll in her present residential location. (drama)

  Waiting For Destiny

i-Monologue by Daniel S Kehde

3 pages

By Dan Kehde

A young man waits by a romantic spot at the river for Janice, a young woman he's recently seen and instantly fallen in love with. He thinks it was destiny that they were at the jazz club at the same time. He wonders and hopes, even though he's never called her, will destiny bring them together now at the river?

  Who Needs Jeremy

i-Monologue by Daniel S Kehde

2 pages

By Dan Kehde

A friend tries to comfort a crying teen girl who's just been dumped. The friend points out Jeremy's bad points, especially his need to control. She finally gets her to smile.before more tears start.