Improvisation: A Guide to Unlock Your Acting Power a Workbook for Teachers

Book By: Rod Martin
Play #: 1971
Pages: 68 pgs
Cast: Resource Book

Participating in improvisation is has to be for students to be so enthusiastic about it. But what do they learn? They learn to have the power to create. They move from puppet to playwright they no longer mimic the words and ideas but find a language of their own they initiate and shape the ideas of their scene they create the characters, the comedy, the conflict. They are empowered they are set free to experiment with ideas and language and relationships. Here is a sequential structure of lesson plans for teaching acting through improvisation to students or adults, in a school setting or in a workshop situation. Five weeks of lessons are provided. Basic improvisation, mime, pantomime, physical and vocal warms ups and cool downs, games and exercises, scene structure, rules for improv, theatrical etiquette and many more topics are covered in the comprehensive book. Get your students on their feet and performing!

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