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Mythology by Chase Owen

While on a school trip to the local museum three high school friends find themselves in a restricted area. In this room the students discover a statue of Pandora and her famous box. The box is opened and three creatures - Famine, War, and Disease - are released into the world. With the help of a mysterious guide the three friends must fulfill the wish of the creatures to return everything back to normal.

30 pages. Flexible cast of 12 or more actors.

  Then One Foggy Christmas Eve

Christmas Comedy by Alexis Kozak

’Tis the night before Christmas, and the employees at the local Shop Smart are forced to work a double shift. Soon a no-good Secret Santa with questionable intentions shows up to pay off the layaway. Will greed win out or will he get put on the naughty list? Throw in a live broadcast with a disgruntled local news anchor, a once in a lifetime mystical fog, and Santa’s giant energy weapon powerful enough to destroy Earth (Pew! Pew!), and you have a superstore full of workers ready to take down the capitalist machine and ultimately help everyone celebrate the ho...

54 pages. 5 m, 4 w, 2 flexible, extras

  Paper Cuts

Comedy by Ken Preuss

Three comedic short plays featuring mixed-up love letters, messed-up decorations, and misplaced notebooks, lead to big laughs and moving reminders that relationships unfold in unexpected ways.


"After Math Aftermath" (1m, 2w) When Alice’s plans to deliver her secret admirer poem to Dylan go awry, her best friend, Gabby, jumps in to save the day.

"Pinning Punning Pining" (1m, 1w) While preparing decorations for a dan...

26 pages. (3 m, 5 w, with some flexibility)

  Lost in the Woods

Comedy by Stephen Murray

A group of students enrolled in a technology-free wilderness camp find themselves lost in the middle of the woods. As darkness falls, a mysterious counselor that wasn’t introduced at orientation finds the students and sets up camp with them. Around the campfire, the students and counselor share ghost stories and tales of the mysterious creatures of the forest like sasquatch and the chupacabra. But not all creatures are big and scary. Gnomes also appear and explain that they are guardians of the woods. Will the campers ever get out of the woods? When the real ...

30 pages. 7 w, 7 flexible, ensemble of 8 or more

  The Viewing Room

Comedy Drama by Mark Edward Smith

Stern patriarch Chester Dumbrosky has decided to make amends. Unfortunately, he waited for the day of his wake to do so. Lots of angst and laughs as his dysfunctional family tries to heal old wounds. Approximate run time 1.5 hours.


"For many, as funny as this play was, it was also introspective and probably hit home for many in the audience." --Jay Pateakos, Broadway World R.I. Sept. 2023


"Dark comedy The Viewing Room a must-see performance" - The audience witnesses a hilarious and movi...

60 pages. 4 m, 3 w, 1 flexible

  A Day of Dreaming

Comedy by Claudia Haas

Melisande dreams of catching a unicorn, Ana dreams of capturing the perfect sunrise, River dreams of finding the all-consuming love of his life, while Kristi seeks to unlock her love. These are just a few of the stories of love lost and found in “A Day of Dreaming.” We meet young people with powerful dreams which they write in a Dream Journal that is nestled in a covered bridge (which exists today in Winterset, Iowa). There is always the hope that if they write down their dreams, they will come to fruition. The stories run the gamut of forging new connections...

43 pages. 4 w, 4 m for small cast; 8 w, 7 m, 2 flexible for large cast