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Picture of Passage Into Fear

  Passage Into Fear

Drama Mystery Thriller by Charles Caratti

New Play

It is 1917, and three years into the worst war anyone has ever seen.  Kate, a young American woman, is approached by an elderly dowager, Mrs. Lillian Merriweather, as they board a transcontinental train from Venice, Italy to Zurich, Switzerland.  Mrs. Merriweather insists she knows of a sinister plot—with vast international repercussions— involving the other passengers. She tasks Kate with ensuring the authorities receive a secret message if she is unable to deliver it herself....

80 pages. 6 m, 5 w, 1 girl

Picture of Spinning Girl

  Spinning Girl

Drama by Tim Mogford

High school student Chloe seems to have everything together. She is a soccer player, a dancer, and a top student. But under the surface, the pressure is mounting. Her mom and brother need help at home, the school projects pile up, and even her friends pressure her to start dating. She doesn’t want to disappoint anybody, but in her effort to please everyone, her world begins spinning out of control. As the various responsibilities build up around her, she creates and deploys multiple versions of herself – the Chorus – in an effort to be "everything to everybod...

58 pages. 11 m, 23 w, doubling possible

Picture of An Experiment

  An Experiment

Fantasy by Brent Holland

New One-Act Play

Portrayed in a fantasy world, five confused participants wake up with no memory of their past life … with only one word, a personality descriptor (such as compassionate, courageous or orderly) written in type on their shirts.  The doctor explains that each is here willingly, and that they are all being compensated for their participation in a research study. Will the assigned attribute of each participant affect their behavior when under extreme duress?...

28 pages. 6 Actors

Picture of Push and Pull

  Push and Pull

Comedy Drama by Terry Gabbard

New One-Act Play

Joel Pulley, a struggling comic book artist, has his narrow world turned upside down when an over-eager stray dog shows up at his door… repeatedly! This excitable canine is unwavering in his pursuit to be Joel’s best friend. And Joel, not exactly an animal lover, is just as unwavering in his attempts at getting rid of the dog, especially after a messy fiasco between the dog and Taylor, Joel’s shallow new girlfriend. It isn’t until the escape-artist cani...

32 pages. 2 m, 3 - 4 w, 1 flexible

Picture of Storytime at the End of the World

  Storytime at the End of the World

Comedy Farce by Steven Stack

A Post-Apocalyptic Teen Two-Act Dramatic Comedy

Andy would do anything for his sister. Perhaps even end the world. This post-apocalyptic dark comedy takes the audience on a wonderfully bizarre, humorous, frightening, and surprisingly heartfelt journey. Along the way in this journey of wishes gone wrong, there are British zombies, mind-reading, a rather odd but touching love story, a trickster who only wants a good story, teenage drama, hip vampires, a hero who both slays and saves, and multitudes of other oddities. But at its heart, the play is about ...

88 pages. Widely flexible cast of 45 characters. (3 m, 6 w, 36 flexible)

Picture of Philosophus


Farce by Colin Speer Crowley

In this award-winning farce, famed philosopher (and very self-important!) Voltaire has fled from the court of Frederick II, King of Prussia, with a stolen and highly sensitive manuscript of the King's poems. Determined to embarrass the monarch before the world, Voltaire finds his journey to France halted in the city of Frankfurt by Baron von Freytag, representative of the Prussian King. Before too long, the Baron’s over-eagerness to obey his master’s wishes and the enormity of Voltaire’s ego combine to create utter chaos, which becomes...

74 pages. 3 m, 2 w