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  Who Needs Jeremy

i-Monologue by Daniel S Kehde

2 pages

By Dan Kehde

A friend tries to comfort a crying teen girl who's just been dumped. The friend points out Jeremy's bad points, especially his need to control. She finally gets her to smile.before more tears start.

  Women Of Deep Space...

i-Scene by Dwayne Lee Yancey

3 pages

to Earth and Don't Like What They See

Four female aliens on a space mission discover Earth and are disappointed in how Man-specifically men-are treating the planet. The aliens' mission is to make contact with other intelligent forms of life. Is mankind intelligent enough to share their wisdom or does the species fall into the "nuisance" category?

  A Word - Any Other Name

Skit by Val Cheatham

11 pages

4 narrators (can be adapted to more)

Here's a fascinating look at many of the beautiful, colorful, musical words that are thrown into the melting pot that makes up the English language. "Word" tells how peoples' names and ideas become such common parts of speech we don't even think about them.

  Wright Sisters.Other Important

i-Scene by Dwayne Lee Yancey

3 pages

By Dwayne Yancey

The Wright Sisters and Other Important Figures From Herstory By Dwayne Yancey 1 m, 3 w Christina Columbus, Ora and Wilma Wright, Alberta Einstein? You bet, when it's Women's History Month. A teacher wants her female students to have positive role models, so all the girls are presenting reports on famous women in history. Like all boys, Jeremy, the lone male student in class, isn't any good in math or science, so his talk will be on Michelle Angelo.

  You Don't Know Us...and Other Monologues for Teen Voices

Resource by Daniel S Kehde

67 pages

Monologue Collection

Monologues are traditionally used for auditions and classroom work, but they are an overlooked form of performance art, epsecially for teenagers. This collection brings this usually standard genre into the performance spotlight. Like other collections by Dan Kehde, this one was developed and performed in what has now become an annual, and ever more popular, event at the playwright's theatre. Funny, hard-hitting, and poignant, these are honest portraits of young Americans searching for freedom, love and self-worth in the labyrinth of adolescence. Titles includ...

  Your Homework Ate What? and Other Monologues

Resource by Daniel S Kehde

54 pages

Monologue Collection

Here's a nifty companion piece to "1400 Boxes of Jello." It's a passel of 25 monologues about pre-teen and adolescent fears and fantasies. Full of clever humor, they reveal the passions and dreams, worries and doubts of students as they fret about grades, dating, drugs, peer group pressure, identity questions, and, of course, the future. From the amusing dismay of "My Teacher's an Alien," to the serious self-doubts of "Maybe I'm Gay," to the hilarious title piece, these confessions all reveal the concerns and confusions of today's young people.

  You're History

i-Monologue by Dennis Bush

2 pages

By Dennis Bush

  Zoe, The Office Hero

i-Scene by Dwayne Lee Yancey

6 pages

By Dwayne Yancey

Zoe, an office assistant, quickly fixes the copier without calling in for repairs, enabling the report to get finished on time, rescuing the important project and ultimately saving the whole company! Not only can she fix a copier, but she knows everyone's passwords, pass codes, account numbers -- and sometimes even the dates of their anniversaries. She's Zoe, office superhero!

  Stuck at Home (one-act version)

Comedy by Bryan Starchman

28 pages

Minimum 2 m, 2 w, 2 offscreen voices. Maximum 10 m, 10 w, 2 offscreen voices.

Join this hilarious family as they struggle to endure being stuck at home – together! Why is the WiFi out, and will their old-school solutions work when all the needed cords are missing from the junk drawer? Will the family secure two-ply rolls of toilet paper in trade negotiations with Grandma? Wait… what has each of them been using? How many family game nights can teens endure? What foods (or beverages!) are critical enough to make a special run to the grocery store? And really, who is strong enough to endure more than one Dad joke?


  Desperate for Magic

Resource by Chambers Stevens

29 pages

12 monologues

Here are 12 monologues which capture the gut feelings of teens, their longings, dreams and wishes as well as their frustrations of trying to reach for the stars. From Wendy, who'll do anything to look good as Duane's girlfriend, including vomiting the food she eats, to Michael, the class valedictorian whose inspiring words don't begin to tackle the problems new graduates face, we see the idealism of teens and their first look at reality. Some subjects include fame, drinking, shyness, and others. An excellent resource.

  Still Stuck at Home

Comedy by Bryan Starchman

36 pages

Minimum 4 m, 2 w, 2 flexible, 1 offscreen voice. Maximum 9 m, 7 w, 2 flexible, 1 offscreen voice.

Join this hilarious family as they struggle to endure being stuck at home – together! How many family game nights can teens endure? How are the pets holding up? Can mom convince the kids to do their schoolwork or will they be doomed to a fifth year of high school?  How do first dates and book clubs work while social distancing? And really, who is strong enough to endure more than one Dad joke?


This show is perfect at providing both laugh-out-loud humor as well as flexibility in stagin...