The Virtual Diaries of Adam & Eve

Book By: Kevin P. Kern
Book By: Dan W. Davis
Play #: 7758
Pages: 14 pgs
Cast: 3 Actors


Adapted from Mark Twain’s short stories. Perfect for online performances, the play is crafted in the style of video diaries kept by Adam and Eve. Along the way, we hear from God who is also online and wants to set the record straight on a few items of potential confusion like the Ark, the Emu, and whether or not the Banana is the perfect fruit. It is a humorous first-person account of the first man and wife, which includes creation, getting to know one another, exploring their new world, and naming the animals. The short play continues after they eat from the forbidden fruit and are exiled from the garden, which Adam wanted to call Eden, but Eve liked the name Niagara Falls instead. Following their departure, Adam and Eve share the many challenges of parenting two teenage boys and growing old. The play ends with the passing of Eve, where Adam proclaims, "Wheresoever Eve was, there was Eden.” This play runs about 40 minutes.



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HURONIA PLAYERS 2 Performance(s)
STAGE 212, INC 1 Performance(s)
LASALLE, IL 3/20/2021

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