Dirk Kuiper

After growing up in Michigan and Florida, Dirk Kuiper attended the University of Central Florida and received degrees in both film and theatre. During his education, he worked a variety of jobs and served in the Naval Reserve. After graduation, he worked as a director and scriptwriter of educational videos before pursuing a career in education. He has taught and directed in high school since 1991. He has also written a number of plays for his students, two of which have been published by Eldridge. He is married and has a son.

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  The Phantom of the Opera

Drama by Dirk Kuiper

73 pages

4 m, 4 w, 3 flexible, numerous extras

Young, gifted opera singer Christine Daae has just filled in for La Carlotta, the reigning prima donna, to a stupendous ovation at the Paris Opera. Christine has been tutored by an instructor whom she thinks of as the "Angel of Music." She convinces him to let her see his hidden world, for she realizes he is the feared "Opera Ghost," though he tells her his real name is Erik. Reluctantly, he takes her to his lair where she sees the wonder of a world that totally revolves around music. Curious, she pulls off the mask he wears and sees the hideous visage beneat...

  Bride: A Tale From the House of Frankenstein

Drama by Dirk Kuiper

61 pages

9 m, 6 w extras

Wilhelm Frankenstein, last remaining heir of Victor Frankenstein, has come into the possession of Victor's notes. Having recently suffered the loss of his young wife, he becomes obsessed by the idea of re-creating her by following Victor's methods. A young medical student, Jurgen Bruchner, discovers Wilhelm's plans and begs to help him. However, as the task nears completion, Jurgen begins to have second thoughts about the morality of their work. In a dramatic laboratory scene, the "bride" is created. Having been made of many different parts and memories, Wilh...