Mark Twain's the Prince and the Pauper

Book By: R Rex Stephenson
Play #: 1857
Pages: 71 pgs
Cast: 4 m, 2 w, 9 girls, 2 boys

During the last years of his life, Mark Twain, entertained a group of young girls that came to be known as the Angelfish Club. Twain told his young friends stories, provided snacks for them, and seemed to have become a grandfather who loved to share his home with the group. Several years before, when Twain was living in New York City, Albert Bigelow Paine was selected to take dictation as Twain recalled the events of his life for his autobiography. Twain often became a bit cantankerous, making Paine shoot billiards, or eat with him before he would dictate. These two events have been united to create the frame for the dramatized version of "The Prince and the Pauper." The play takes place in Twain's attic in Connecticut. As the girls enter for the meeting Twain begins to pass out the parts and the girls finally get into the fact that some of them will be playing boys. This is the perfect show for a group with numerous females available for roles and a small number of males. The great story is there and is told in a charming way with the option of adding songs. Also, an optional cookie party is recommended between the acts of your own production.

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