Robert Mattson

Robert Mattson, a Boston-based playwright, has been writing since 1990. Creating smart comedies that rely on quick, quirky dialog, his shows have been performed all over the country and in Canada, make him internationally infamous. When not writing plays, Rob lives in Upton, MA with his wife Jen and his precocious cats Gordon and Rhoda.

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  Bingo Spells Murder

Comedy Interactive by Robert Mattson

36 pages

4 m, 3 w

Father O'Sullivan is desperate. But who wouldn't be? The bank is about to foreclose on his church buildings and orphanage. He's got young people struggling with questions of love, developers struggling to turn the house of God into the Condos of God, a gangster struggling with the English language, and a bookkeeper who's just a struggle for everyone. Plus, he's hosting a Bingo night as a last chance to raise enough money to get himself out of this mess. So, what happens when his bookkeeper is killed and the money is stolen? It's time for Father O'Sullivan to ...

  Testing 1, 2, 3

Comedy by Robert Mattson

25 pages

Minimum cast: 1 m, 4 w

The ten-minute play form is more popular than ever, and these 3 lively short plays can be performed together or individually. In "Babysitter Brokerage" (4 w), the bidding war is fast and furious and the contenders are desperate. Who will win the baby-sitting job? In "The Drive-Thru Interview" (1 m, 1 w), a teen job seeker shows she's got what it takes to be the next entrepreneur of the year ... as soon as she finishes cheerleading practice. In "Mr. Perry's Test" (1 m, 3 w), three soon-to-be driving teens meet their match with their instructor. All three plays...

  Four Biggest Guys In Rock....

Comedy by Robert Mattson

61 pages

Flexible cast of 28 (Minimum: 4m, 4 w)

Their adoring public never suspects these four great men in rock are bored senseless and challenge each other with daily mind games. And with these famous guys, anything goes, from historical trivia to famous quotes. This ten-minute play is just one of 10 in this collection which is sure to entertain with its quick dialogue and quirky situations. In other plays a man tries to prepare for the worst with a visit to his friendly, neighborhood survivalist warehouse; several soon-to-be driving teens meet their match with their instructor; a teen job seeker shows s...

  Man Who Thought He Was Sherlock Holmes

Comedy Interactive by Robert Mattson

42 pages

5 m, 3 w, 1 flexible

Dinner theater can mean death to an actor's career, or occasionally, an actor. That's what the cast of "Weekend at Withingham's" finds out when the lead of their dreadfully bad dinner theater production dies right before his entrance. But who can help? They would need a great detective. Unfortunately, what they get is a man that is so psychiatrically challenged that he thinks he's Sherlock Holmes and his psychiatrist is Doctor Watson. An audience-participation play full of dual characters, quick repartee and just a touch of deduction, "The Man Who Thought He ...