Margaret Witt

I grew up in Jacksonville, Florida, but I attended college in Iowa, and, once here, I decided to stay. I am a high school/middle school Spanish and English instructor with over 25+ years of teaching experience in the River Valley School District. Even though I have been directing plays for years, WILD PINK was the very first play I ever wrote, and I owe a lot its success to the talented young actors who helped me bring my characters to life. Since then, I have written a play every year for my students to perform. Both my second play, SEALED IN SPIT and my fifth play, THE DOUBLE L DUDE RANCH, are now published by Eldridge. My hobbies include reading just about anything and writing stories for my friends and students. I also love attending my plays whenever they are close by to see how other directors portray what I have written. It seems like every performance has been different, but I have truly enjoyed each show as well as the time spent chatting with the directors, getting their insights, and meeting their outstanding casts and answering lots of questions. My husband, Thomas, my son, Chris, and my Shih Tzu, Maya, make up my small family but, on Friday nights during the football season, my house is usually full of teenagers who always seem to drop by after games for my “famous” chocolate chip cookies, a cold glass of milk, and a safe place to hang out.

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  Wild Pink

Comedy by Margaret Witt

80 pages

8 m, 11 w, 6 flexible, extras.

A hog farmer has three smart sons but absolutely no money to send them to college. A rich, snooty, old maiden aunt has a fortune but years ago she made it clear that she wanted nothing to do with the farmer’s family. What to do? The three boys don wigs, dresses, heels and even Wild Pink fingernail polish for a challenging weekend visit with their estranged aunt. Their desperate mission: to convince her she has three beautiful nieces who are worthy of her millions. And worthy they are when the boys discover someone is embezzling their aunt’s money. Switching b...

  The Double L Dude Ranch

Comedy by Margaret Witt

83 pages

9 m, 14 w, 3 flexible, some doubling possible.

Luke needs to come up with money to pay the mortgage on the family ranch, and fast. His three friends offer to help him open up a dude ranch, and he knows he has no choice but to accept their generosity. At first, Luke is a little leery over the whole plan, but how hard can it be to teach a few city folk about life on a ranch? But things start to go wrong when his quirky guests arrive. There’s Aspen and Ariel, two hillbilly sisters who can’t keep their hands off of Luke’s friends Nash and Nolan. Next to arrive are Martha, Mercy, and Grace, who want a final ou...

  Sealed in Spit

Comedy by Margaret Witt

76 pages

13 m, 13 w, doubling possible; optional scene with children plus three flexible characters

The fun all begins when a rich businessman named Billy offers a considerable sum of money to a struggling matchmaking company providing its owners, three lovely sisters, can find his friend a perfect match within a week's time. Naturally, the sisters are extremely excited about this, especially since their company has suffered a host of problems from software issues to mismatched couples. But the generous offer doesn’t look so rosy when they meet Billy's friend, Bubba, an illiterate hick who knows absolutely nothing about the intricacies of dating a woman. No...