Alaska Reece Vance

Alaska Reece Vance lives and writes in an 1860 farmhouse in Southern Appalachia. Alaska holds an MFA in Acting, teaches at King University and serves as the Artistic Director of The Drifting Theatre. Alaska's works include; Human (The New York International Fringe Festival, New Orleans Fringe), The Disorientation of Butterflies (The New York International Fringe Festival, winner of FringeNYC overall excellence in directing award, UnCovered Theatre Chicago), Feeding the Subject (The Bad Theater Festival NYC), Moonlight in Boxes (Manhattan Repertory Theatre NYC, Regent University), Dirge of White Rocking Horses (Regent University), The Adventures of Bad (The Drifting Theatre), I Am Angel (Eldridge Publishing), Ivan and the Birds (Eldridge Publishing) as well as various other works.

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  I Am Angel

Drama by Alaska Reece Vance

36 pages

3 m, 8 w, 16+ flexible or with doubling 3 m, 6 w, 2 flexible

When Angel was a child, she knew she had wings. She knew she could fly. After telling everyone and enduring mockery, she left her wings on the ground in exchange for fitting in. Now she is in high school, and when she sees her friend Hunter being teased for sharing honest feelings, Angel is torn. Standing up for Hunter now means no longer fitting in, giving up her new possible boyfriend Isaac and alienating the few friends she has. But Angel gains one of the most important insights of all — that she is already loved just for being herself. An Angel Chorus use...

  Ivan and the Birds

Comedy by Alaska Reece Vance

57 pages

4-26 m, 14-24 w, doubling is appropriate.

Ivan’s greatest ambition has always been to learn the Language of the Birds. When he shows off his pet nightingale for show and tell at school, he is teased until he runs away. Seeking shelter in the forest, Ivan protects baby birds from a storm. In gratitude, the mama bird grants Ivan’s wish and teaches him to speak Bird. When his parents Mama Lou and Papa Joe find out that Ivan not only can speak Bird, but is now speaking in a heavy Russian accent, Ivan promptly finds himself sold off as a cabin boy on a ship. A band of tough girl pirates soon takes over, a...