Ivan and the Birds

Play #: 8491
Pages: 57 pgs
Cast: 4-26 m, 14-24 w, doubling is appropriate.

Ivan’s greatest ambition has always been to learn the Language of the Birds. When he shows off his pet nightingale for show and tell at school, he is teased until he runs away. Seeking shelter in the forest, Ivan protects baby birds from a storm. In gratitude, the mama bird grants Ivan’s wish and teaches him to speak Bird. When his parents Mama Lou and Papa Joe find out that Ivan not only can speak Bird, but is now speaking in a heavy Russian accent, Ivan promptly finds himself sold off as a cabin boy on a ship. A band of tough girl pirates soon takes over, and they sail the ship off to pillage Daisyland, a peace-loving, hacky-sack-playing port town. Happily, Ivan’s ability to speak to birds saves the day! As Mama Lou sums it up, “If the world thinks yer nuttier than a pecan pie and you ain’t making no more sense than a screen door on a submarine, don’t let it get ya down. Go fer yer dreams and believe in yerself, like my Ivan done, and ya might just come out all right.” Based on a Russian fairytale entitled The Language of the Birds. About 1 hour.

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WAUKEE, IA 2/10/2016

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