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  Man Who Thought He Was Sherlock Holmes

Comedy Interactive by Robert Mattson

42 pages

5 m, 3 w, 1 flexible

Dinner theater can mean death to an actor's career, or occasionally, an actor. That's what the cast of "Weekend at Withingham's" finds out when the lead of their dreadfully bad dinner theater production dies right before his entrance. But who can help? They would need a great detective. Unfortunately, what they get is a man that is so psychiatrically challenged that he thinks he's Sherlock Holmes and his psychiatrist is Doctor Watson. An audience-participation play full of dual characters, quick repartee and just a touch of deduction, "The Man Who Thought He ...

  Scrooge, Marley & Me

Comedy Interactive by Jim and Jane Jeffries

36 pages

7 m, 7 w, 3 flexible, extras

In this lightly-interactive dinner theatre play, King Scrydan is so cheap that he can’t even pay attention. And if he did, he would know that everyone calls him Scrooge behind his back. Coming from beyond Jamaica, his dearly-departed brother Marley tells him, “Bredda, yuh inna big chobble. Yuh be too gravelicious. But me cyan 'elp yuh wit dat problem.” Luckily, Marley has brought along his Jamaican-to-English interpreter who can translate. Marley warns Scrydan that if he does not change his skinflint ways, it will lead to a fate worse than death. Scrydan will...