Patrick Campbell

Patrick Campbell is a middle school teacher and theatre director from Pennsylvania. His school puts on a fall comedy and spring musical each year. Over the years, he has written several of the fall comedies. He received a BA in Theatre (along with a BS in Math) from Lehigh University. He and his beautiful wife have two lovely daughters.

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  Trick Play

Farce by Patrick Campbell

87 pages

6 m, 8 w, 4 flexible

Julie, an event planner, has been tasked with organizing a soccer conference at her uncle's run-down hotel. However, no one has registered, so Julie faces being fired. Dan, who has a crush on Julie, asks his sister Effy to pretend to be a world-famous soccer player at the conference to help sell registrations and save Julie's job. Effy is a wannabe actress who looks just like the person she is asked to portray, but she knows less than nothing about soccer. As Dan tries to keep Effy's identity secret, interference from an uptight bellhop, a bitter rich lady, t...