Noah Smith

Noah Smith is a New England native who began writing plays for children while still in college. He has written more than 20 adaptations of children's classics, including several collaborations with musician David Nields. Noah holds a BA in Drama from Vassar College and an MFA in Playwriting from Brandeis University. He has taught writing and literature at Simmons College, Quinnipiac University, the City College of New York, Occidental College, and Widener University. Noah has written material for "Weekend Update" segment on "Saturday Night Live" and is the author of "The Big Book of Batman" and "The Big Book of Superman" as well as a co-author of "The Official DC Super Hero Joke Book" for Downtown Bookworks. Noah lives in Philadelphia with his wife, Amanda Atkinson, and their four children.

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  Casey at the Bat

Comedy by Noah Smith

42 pages

5 m, 4 w, many minor roles and extras

Based on the poem by Ernest L. Thayer.  Mudville's star slugger, the Mighty Casey, has struck out and now Mudville has one chance left to win the series. But millionaire Bob Evilman bribes Casey to lose the final game. Jimmy Blake, a young rookie on the team, overhears this and vows to win without Casey. Can he do it? This easy-to-stage play has a wonderful moral about hard work, honesty and team playing, but it's never preachy. It incorporates much of the famous poem with lots of action (in some cases fast forward!), lots of humor and optional dialogue. It's...


Fairy Tale by Noah Smith

37 pages

2 m, 3 w, 2 flexible

There's more to Rapunzel than just her long, long, hair! Locked in a high tower as a baby, she grew up, raised by Gothel, the witch, and her parents who talked to her from the ground. Rapunzel's father, fancying himself a scholar, taught her how all the planets revolve around a flat earth, and her mother, who thought herself wise in the ways of the world, taught Rapunzel never to have an opinion of her own. One day a goofy prince rides in on stick horse and vows to free her. But here's where the traditional story changes. Our heroine frees herself and learns ...

  Puss in Boots

Fairy Tale by Noah Smith

34 pages

3 m, 3 w, extras

When young Guy discovers that his inheritance consists only of a cat and a pair of boots, he is highly distressed, until he gets to know the cat. Saucy and one-of-a-kind, Boots the cat vows to help Guy achieve his goal of marrying the beautiful princess from next door. Boots also helps free the town from the clutches of Ugolin, an evil ogre who has magical powers to turn himself or others into any animal he chooses. Guy and Boots trick the king and queen into thinking Guy is the "Marquis of Carabas" and also trick the ogre into turning himself into an insect ...