Loren Crawford

Loren Crawford lives in her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky with her daughter Jessamine and far too many animal friends to mention. She is currently chair of the Drama Department at Sacred Heart School for the Arts. Her stage plays include Prelude: The Life and Work of Katherine Mansfield, Missing Memaw, Once We Could Fly, Mama: A play for Voices and dozens of plays for children. Voyaging, a dance theater piece about Darwin’s world changing voyage on HMS The Beagle, The Unembarrassed Mind, about the explorer Sir Richard Burton, and Goldbrick, which features the music of Jon Langford, were created collaboratively with long-time art partner Stephan Mazurek. She produced and directed a full-length documentary Under Kentucky Skies: 25 Years of the Kentucky Music Weekend for KET, Kentucky’s PBS affiliate. As a teaching artist with the Kentucky Arts Council and various organizations in Chicago, she has worked with all ages and abilities to create original performance pieces. Poetry, prose and visual art have long been personal pursuits, and are beginning to be made far more public.
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  Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Drama by Loren Crawford

62 pages

6 m, 17 w, 1 flex.

Based on the classic story by Robert Louis Stevenson, Dr. Jekyll is back for a second year of teaching science at Devon Academy after leaving his position as head of surgery at Guy’s Hospital under mysterious circumstances. He continues with his private research at the school, enlisting Head Girl Jackie Utterson as a lab assistant. Frightening things begin to happen, beginning with an attack on a student who was sneaking off the school grounds. Utterson is dismayed to find that another person is also assisting in the lab— the terrifying Mr. Hyde. When beloved...