Linda Howard Cooke

As a newspaper reporter, I learned to recognize and translate for readers all the human stories out there waiting to be told.

I later became a high school speech and drama coach, and served on the board of directors for my local youth theatre company. Through these experiences, I was exposed to the challenges and joys of bringing fresh talent to the stage.

Following the adage, “Write what you know,” I began writing the kind of scripts I would like to direct. Nothing in my life has matched the thrill of seeing my work presented by young performers.

Playbill, Play Ball is my fourth published script, with, I hope, many more to come.

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  Playbill, Play Ball

Comedy by Linda Howard Cooke

28 pages

(13 - 24 total. 2 m; 5 w; 6 - 17 flexible with doubling.)


Courtney Hanson, high school junior and avid protester, claims that her high school has turned athletics into a religion, violating the separation of church and state. After numerous meetings with the hapless school principal Courtney and her mother have decided to sue the school district. The characters interact in a series of scenes at the school, at a sports fundraiser, and at a PTO meeting. Some say Courtney has finally gone around the bend, while others say it’s high time someone stood up for academics and the arts....