Kendall Krueger

Kendall Krueger is a Florida based actress, screenwriter, and playwright. She attended Indian River State College and University of Central Florida, where she earned her degrees in Acting and Theatre History. Since graduating, she has pursued acting and writing professionally. “A Little Misunderstanding” is her first published play, with more to come! Her acting credits include “The Dreamfactory” (Rudy), “Glitche” (The Catalyst), and “Portrait of a Murder” (Emily). Recently, she and her fellow screenwriter, Joseph Baribault, co-wrote and starred in the short film, “Should’ve Called It…”. This short film received the first-place title at the Florida Central Film Slam and was nominated for multiple awards at the Los Angeles International Film Festival, including Best Acting Duo.

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  A Little Misunderstanding New Release

one-act by Kendall Krueger

39 pages

13 Actors

Little is a local weatherman, who is about to give his first ever TV weather report. While he is on the air, the intern, McGee, trips. Trying to help him, Little yells, “This guy is falling!” While trying to save his friend, the station’s camera breaks, causing a broadcast blackout. Audiences at home believe Little, as a weatherman, has claimed that the “SKY” is falling. Suddenly, Little becomes an internet sensation! And the news station viewership booms at the cost of thinking Little is a crazy reporter. Chaos ensues as Little tries to tell people the truth...