Judy Jehn

Judy Jehn lives in the heartland, in Carmel, Indiana. She graduated from Indiana University with a B.S. in accounting but loves playwriting. Judy has two grown children, three young grandchildren, and various animals. Her hobbies include bird-watching and genealogy.
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  Once Upon a Concert

Comedy by Judy Jehn

56 pages

Large, flexible cast

Cindy R. Ella and her nasty stepsisters and stepmother are the richest family in town, but Cindy is required to do all the housework. She only wants two things: to attend a Stagnant Rocks concert to see the star, Nick Lynx, and to spend more time with her father, who is always away on business. She gets her first wish from the Godfather, but at the concert she loses her hat. Like all good fairy tales, "Prince" Nick arrives with the hat, looking for the girl of his dreams, and Cindy's father vows to be at home more. Lots of parts, including nosey reporters, en...