John Dilworth Newman

John Dilworth Newman: Dr. Newman completed his BFA at the University of Utah, his masters at the University of Texas, and his PhD at New York University. He teaches at Highland High School in Salt Lake City where he has developed and premiered over a dozen new plays for young actors and audiences. Newman chairs the Playwrights in our Schools program for the American Alliance for Theatre and Education (AATE), which has connected professional playwrights, teachers, and students in secondary schools across the United States. He has published articles on playwriting and new play development in "Teaching Theatre," "Stage of the Art," "TYA Today," "Dialogue," and "The Children's Book and Play Review." Newman has completed playwriting residencies at Dreamwrights Theatre, The Open Eye Theater, Raritan College, and the Bonderman Symposium. He received the 2003 John C. Barner Teacher of the Year Award from AATE and the Outstanding Theatre Educator Award from the National Federation of High Schools.
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  The Tempest

Shakespeare by John Dilworth Newman

40 pages

3 m, 5 w, 3 flexible (Some male roles have been adapted to female roles.)

On an enchanted island, a powerful man named Prospero uses his magic to create a tempest to shipwreck his enemies on his shores. Once they are on land, Prospero leads the castaways about with the help of his fairy servant, Ariel, who has long been promised her freedom. The conspiring nobles who once usurped Prospero’s dukedom are haunted by Ariel, and their plot to murder one of their own is thwarted. Meanwhile, one of the castaways, a kind prince, falls in love with Prospero’s daughter. Prospero’s monstrous servant, Caliban, meets up with the ship’s captain ...

  Winter's Tale

Shakespeare by John Dilworth Newman

68 pages

13 m, 13 w, and Bear, Time Chorus & Musicians

A beautiful adaptation especially written for secondary school students to perform. Here is the story of good versus evil and the power of time to heal all wounds. Leontes, without warning, suddenly believes his visiting boyhood friend, Polixenes, is in love with Leontes' wife Hermione. Leontes even goes so far as to order his friend poisoned and Hermione thrown in jail where she has a baby girl. It never occurs to Leontes he could be wrong, even though the Oracle of Apollo showed the couple's innocence. Sixteen years later the child, Perdita, who has been ra...