James Devita

James Devita, a native of Long Island, NY, is a writer and actor. His original plays and new adaptations of classics for young audiences are widely produced around the country. In addition, his first novel, "Blue," was published recently. He's a member of the acting company of American Player's Theatre, a classical repertory theatre in Spring Green, WI.

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  Swiss Family Robinson

Classic by James Devita

52 pages

7 m, 2 w

The Robinson family is on a journey overseas to begin a new life. After a harrowing storm, their tall-masted ship sinks, and they are shipwrecked on a deserted island. Mother and Father and their three children, Fritz, Ernest and Franz, are now forced to truly begin a new life: a struggle for survival. Salvaging what they can, the innovative family constructs a tree house in which to live. They embark on daily scavenging treks to recover what food, weapons, and other supplies have washed ashore the uninhabited island...or is it? Soon, strange things begin to ...