Hilary Mackelden

Hilary Mackelden was born in Coventry, UK, and has lived all her adult life on the edge of Ashdown Forest in Sussex. She has three grownup children and six grandchildren. When she's not writing, she works for World In Need, a Christian charity that helps people in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Through them, she has spent time building a school in Kenya, and driven to Morocco with a consignment of wheelchairs. Her other interests include reading, swimming, watching her grandchildren play soccer, and history. She is a member of the National Trust and loves to visit historic sites and stately homes. 

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Drama by Hilary Mackelden

74 pages

14 m, 10 w, 4 flexible, extras

Rick Burgess and coworkers, Joe and Samantha, are on an outward-bound training weekend, organized by their boss, Rick's father, when they become hopelessly lost in the forest. Through the fog they finally stumble upon a remote little village, Ashdown-Lee. But the villagers are dressed as peasants and wary of the intruders. Ingrid, the mayor's daughter, however, is attracted to Rick and invites the trio to stay. They soon discover that the magical village appears only one day every fifty years. To the villagers it is the next day, but to the rest of the world ...