Eric Luthi

Eric is a full-time language arts teacher at an alternative high school in Phoenix, Arizona. He is the father of four and husband of one. He has been, at various times, a technical writer, a police officer, a criminal defense lawyer, and even sometimes unemployed. When he is not teaching, he writes short stories, plays and screenplays.
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Drama by Eric Luthi

22 pages

2 m, 1 w, 2 flexible.

Here is a dark, suspenseful play that follows the life of Tiburtius Gerhardt, the gravedigger. As the cemetery he has worked in all his life fills up and comes to its end, Tiburtius tries to cope with his demanding and demeaning boss; his deceased uncle; and two other denizens who should or should not really be there. It’s enough to drive a man to his grave. Approximate running time is 35 to 45 minutes.