Dean Feldmeyer

Dean Feldmeyer is a United Methodist minister living in Columbus, OH, where he also teaches drama at an area high school. He is active in community and church theater and has written several liturgical dramas for church productions in addition to his regular plays. Dean has also written books on youth ministry and parenting teenagers, as well as a novel for young readers on substance abuse.

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  The Pied Piper of Hamelin

Classic by Dean Feldmeyer

23 pages

9 m, 6 w, children, extras

An infestation of rats plagues the beautiful, perfect town of Hamelin, and the angry towns people give the Mayor and town council one last chance to solve the problem. A curiously dressed piper arrives just in time to save the day. He promises to lead the rats out of town for a fee of $1000. The town agrees and the rat problem is solved, but the people, arguing that the price was too high, refuse to pay. The angry piper takes all the children with him instead, leaving the town unhappy and without a future. But wait! The storyteller runs on stage to offer an "...


Drama by Dean Feldmeyer

63 pages

5 m, 7 w

It's WWII and on the Hoosier homefront, the Rev. Peter Farenkamp and his family try to do their part, especially the oldest son, David, who volunteers as a junior air raid warden. Soon the close-knit family lets Rita and Louise Baxter live with them so the two V-Girls can work at the nearby defense plant. A call from Louise's fiance, leaving for active duty in Europe, sparks in David a defiant determination to join the Army on his upcoming eighteenth birthday. But Peter, who has seen war up close, tries to stop him. Father and son clash in a powerful scene as...