David Alberts

David Alberts is an actor, director, educator, author, and playwright. Dr. Alberts is a former university theatre instructor and Chair of Region 8 of the National Playwriting Awards Committee of the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival. Dr. Alberts has directed over 60 productions of plays and musicals, including original plays, college/university productions, dinner theatre, summer stock, community theatre, professional, off-Broadway, and touring productions. As an actor, he’s appeared in the original productions of TRUMPET IN THE LAND, by Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright  Paul Green, and UNNATURAL ACTS, by Tony Award®-winning playwright, Henry David Hwang. Dr. Alberts is the author of PANTOMIME: ELEMENTS AND EXERCISES, TALKING ABOUT MIME, REHEARSAL MANAGEMENT FOR DIRECTORS, and THE EXPRESSIVE BODY: PHYSICAL CHARACTERIZATION FOR THE ACTOR, which are used as college texts in the U.S. and throughout the world. Dr. Alberts received the Founders Award from the International Thespian Society for his contribution to theatre education, a Directing Award from the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival, and a San Diego Book Award. In addition to his modern adaptation of ANTIGONE, published by Eldridge Publishing Co., his published plays include A CHRISTMAS CAROL: THE RADIO SHOW, and DEATH BY ARRANGEMENT.

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Classic by David Alberts

26 pages

2 m, 4 w, 5 flexible, extras

Two brothers lie dead at the gates of the ancient city of Thebes, each killed by the other in the final battle of a bloody civil war fought for the throne of Thebes.


King Creon decrees that one brother, Eteocles, defender of Thebes, is to be given a hero’s burial. The other brother, Polyneices, leader of the rebel forces, is to be left lying where he fell outside the city gates, unburied, and unmourned. Anyone who violates Creon’s decree will be stoned to death.