Christopher Landrigan

Christopher Landrigan is a Western New York native, graduate of Cornell University and The George Washington Law School, attorney, and a person who really enjoyed acting in his high school one-act plays. He gave writing a play a try while in college. He is not a professional writer but hopes to write another play or two in the future to supplement the less (but only slightly less) fictional works of a lawyer.

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  The Funsucker

Comedy by Christopher Landrigan

32 pages

7 m, 9 w, 4 flexible

Fed up with the unruliness of his school, hard-nosed Principal Wolfenstein hires Janitor Patton and his top-notch cleaning crew to fix the problem. But it’s not enough against Bobby Franko, leader of the pranksters for all of his six years of high school, and his mafia-like group of friends. When the war reaches new heights, Wolfenstein calls for the return of someone so horribly cruel and void of any joy that she was previously banned from ever setting foot in the school again --The Funsucker! She literally sucks the fun out of every student she encounters, ...