Brian Mitchell

Brian Mitchell has been involved in theater for over thirty years as an actor, director, and playwright.  His written work has been performed throughout the United States and Canada.  Brian grew up in Minnesota, and currently lives in Iowa with his beautiful wife, Ramona.  They have two adult children. Aside from theater, Brian is passionate about reading, mental health care and advocacy, and kindness.  He currently works as the Course Materials Specialist at Grinnell College.  When you see him, he will be reading.  Feel free to interrupt him and say hello.

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  One in a Billion New Release

Comedy by Brian Mitchell

60 pages

2 m, 2 w, 2 children

Life hasn’t been easy for Alexis this year. After divorcing her husband and setting her alimony payments, he won the lottery. Her children are running her life and her job as a Chicago-area publishing editor is in dire jeopardy because she hasn’t found a new author in some time. But things are finally looking up!  She has been in contact with a Russian self-help author who she is hoping will allow her to publish his books in English. So, when he demands an advance of seventy-five thousand dollars, Alexis approves the advance, only to have him run off with her...