Brian Borowka

Brian Borowka has taught drama and English at both the middle and high school levels at Greenwich Academy in Greenwich, CT since 2008. He received an MFA in Playwriting from Arizona State University and a BA in Creative Writing from Oberlin College. In addition to writing and producing plays for students, Brian has also written several plays for adults, one of which, The Madagascar Plan, has recently been optioned for possible production as a motion picture.
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  Loon Mountain

Comedy by Brian Borowka

28 pages

6 w, 11 flex

Bethany, a stressed out student, is trying to complete a school project with two less-than-helpful classmates. The three students are taken by surprise when Bethany’s phone and all of its widgets come to life. The trio soon finds themselves trapped inside of a bizarre video game filled with talking widgets, not-so-magical creatures, and a friendly chicken. Can they beat the game, return to reality, and learn how to work together more effectively along the way?