Bob Fitzsimmons

Bob Fitzsimmons was a playwright, director and choreographer and a member of the Dramatists Guild. His work has delighted young and adult audiences from New York to Florida for over 18 years. He was involved in over a hundred theatrical productions. His writing credits include the contemporary comedy "Women of Influence," the musical "Throne," and many original children's and full-length holiday musicals.
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  First Easter Bunny

Youth by Barbara Campbell Bob Fitzsimmons

44 pages

14 or more (minimum cast of 8 with doubling)

All the deer inhabitants in Bucksville are lamenting there hasn't been a spring in fifteen years! Coincidentally, that was when our hero, Peter, an orphan bunny, was discovered in a basket and adopted by a family of deer. As the only bunny in Bucksville, Peter feels out of place, and despite words of comfort from his mother, decides to set out on a quest to find spring. His travels bring him to the land of Omalet, where he's delighted to discover other bunnies. They are painting eggs in preparation for the annual test to reveal if spring is inside any of them...