Alexis Kozak

Alexis Kozak holds a B.A. in Theatre Arts and in English from Rutgers University and an M.F.A. in Playwriting from Boston University. He is an award-winning playwright, director, and actor, whose plays, The Black Bird Returns (co-authored with wife Barbara Panas) and Babel Tower, have been produced off-Broadway by the Roundtable Ensemble. His short play, “Girls Pray, or The Ketchup Stigmata,” was included in Smith & Kraus’ Best 10-Minute Plays of 2014. His the author of the full-length plays 0 Days Since Last Miracle, Toms River Anthology, and Tango 105, a solo play about gun control and school shootings. His short works, “Shakespeare Gets and MFA” and “The Sexy Indians Dump the Tea,” can be found online. He is an avid soccer player (striker!) and would cut off his left arm to have more time to read. He loves making art projects and shooting basketball with his six year old son. He teaches Theatre Arts at Middletown HS South in Middletown, NJ.
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  Diamond as Big as the Ritz

Classic Drama by Alexis Kozak

67 pages

7 m, 4 w, 4 flex; doubling possible

In this adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's work, John Unger, a studious and innocent young man, has been invited by his fellow prep school student Percy Washington to summer at his family’s opulent estate hidden in the Montana mountains. John readily accepts. There he meets Percy’s parents, sister Jasmine, and sister Kismine – with whom he quickly falls in love. But as he and Kismine begin to make plans for the future, John discovers the source of the family’s wealth is a secret many have died for. Will he survive the summer? Full evening.

  The Greatest of All Time

Resource by Alexis Kozak

48 pages

Resource Book

Do you go nuts trying to find scene study material for your students?  Are you dissatisfied with the scenes you do find?  Are they too long, too short, too silly, not silly enough, too serious, not serious enough?  Written by popular playwright, director, and teacher Alexis Kozak, this collection of twenty-five award-winning four-minute scenes is based on overheard classroom conversations.  In “Regarding Jane” one male student has a plan for meeting girls -- it’s in the pages of a Jane Austen book, and in “Allegiance” two students debate the real words to the...