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Thursday, January 3, 2019


New and Popular Youth Theatre Shows

We offer over 240 children's theatre plays and musicals.  We are sure to have what you are looking for whether it's a version of Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella, Aladdin,  or an original show.  Need some help narrowing it down?  Just give our editors a call and we can provide tailored recommendations for your theatre group.  

The Princess and the Moon: A Fairy Tale

By  T James Belich

Cast: 4 m, 9 w, 10 flexible, extras

Princess Lizzy wants to be a knight. Bored with the usual duties of a princess, she dreams of fighting in tournaments, slaying dragons, and doing all the things that good knights do. For what Princess Lizzy desires above all else is to be special – one-of-a-kind, absolutely unique! And so on her sixteenth birthday she becomes a knight ... and is crushed to learn that she is not the first, but actually the ninety-sixth. Still determined to be special, Lizzy resolves for her quest to do the impossible: to go to the moon. She soon finds the magical Medallion of the Moon and thinks herself well on her way, but when she fires the storyteller in a fit of anger, he steals the medallion, becomes an all-powerful wizard, and takes over Lizzy’s kingdom as the new villain! What begins as an ordinary fairy tale takes Lizzy on a journey filled with danger and sacrifice where there is no promise of a “happily ever after.” 


New Show

A Commedia del’arte show by Craig Lee

 Flexible cast of 8-10


Arlecchino’s Pirate Adventure 

Arlecchino, the crafty trickster, always has his head in the clouds. He doesn’t want to do any work or take any responsibility. He would rather pretend he’s an adventurous pirate on the high seas or on a remote island looking for buried treasure. Today he is leading his commedia friends to the Kingdom of Isola del Tesoro to present their play. Unfortunately, he’s lost the map! Now they are lost and only have a few hours to get to the kingdom. While the company sets up camp for the night, Arlecchino stumbles upon a treasure map to Stromboli Island. Now Pantalone has a new mission – to travel to the island and get the treasure. They hire the suspicious Capitano Gorgonzola to take them there on his ship, the Antipasti. Once onboard, Capitano reveals himself to be a pirate in search of the treasure. After Capitano and his crew mutiny, they take prisoners and steal the map. Now Arlecchino and his friends are in danger and may have to walk the plank. It’s up to Arlecchino to find his courage and save his friends. Approximately 60 minutes.


By Steven Fogell

6 m, 6 w, 16 flexible, extras if desired


The Magic Flute

Follow Prince Tamino in this hilarious tale as he travels to the castle of the evil Sarastro to save the princess Pamina. Along his magical journey he meets a wild cast of characters including Papageno, the three muses, the Greenbird, the spirits, and the fabled Queen of the Night. Armed with a magic flute given by the queen, Tamino is ready to take on Sarastro. Once inside the castle our prince and his friends face monsters, magic, and a test to free his beloved Pamina. Fast-paced dialogue and hysterical characters enchant this large cast-play based on the opera by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. About 75 minutes.



By Craig Sodaro and Stephen Murray

8 m, 12 w, 1 flexible


Trial of the Wicked Witch: The Musical

The Wicked Witch is on trial for her crimes in the land of Once Upon a Time in this madcap musical featuring several favorite characters from many fairy tales. The cast of characters includes the Fairy Godmother as the judge, the Three Little Pigs as bailiffs, and Jack the Giant Killer as the guard. Witnesses for the prosecution and defense provide a variety of toe-tapping tunes such as a swinging Big Bad Wolf in “The Wolf of Wall Street,” an operatic Rapunzel in “I Love to Sing,” and a rocking Gingerbread Man in “Go, Gingie, Go!” The Wicked Witch herself casts a musical spell with “Escape Velocity.” The audience acts as jury in this trial and gets to determine the fate of the Wicked Witch. Guilty or innocent, you can be assured that this show is “Wicked Awesome.”