Wiley Russell

Wiley Russell worked for the petroleum industry in 12 countries. He lived in the Middle East, supervised offshore operations in India, and was an instructor in Holland. He has worked with Boots and Coots Wild Well Control and has performed pressure-control work behind legendary oil-field firefighter Red Adair. Wiley left the oil patch in 1995 to pursue writing full time and has completed a number of feature-film spec scripts, most often dealing with action and humor. He makes his home in Arkansas.

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  Triple Threat

Comedy by Wiley Russell

39 pages

6 m, 11 w, 1 flexible

Babysitter Ariel Watson is watching the 13-year-old triplet daughters of a famous scientist and his wife. What Ariel does not know is that the triplets have a time-traveling device in their bedroom, which brings copies of themselves out of a parallel universe. Soon there are nine girls in the house and then twelve. Ariel does not believe what is happening, until the visitors begin telling her, a piece at a time, that her future self has had a terrible “thumb accident.” By the end of the story Ariel is frantic to get to the future and stop herself, much to the...