Terry Schwinge

   Terry Schwinge is a theater arts educator at Santa Ana High School.  In his teaching career, he has been awarded Teacher of the Year (2019-2020), he directed the Orange County MACY Show of the Year in 2018 (RENT), and his 2001 production of FIDDLER ON THE ROOF was selected as one of the twelve episode’s of Disney+’s series, ENCORE!. UN AMOR PICANTE is the third show he has written for the stage and he continues to write plays designed specifically for middle schools and high schools.  He attended California State University, Fullerton and has been a theater arts educator for over twenty-five years. 

    He  also served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Nicaragua (2003-2005), worked in Honduras as an educational consultant in 2006.  During that time, he became fluent in Spanish and was first introduced to his wife and his very first telenovelas that would later inspire UN AMOR PICANTE.   

   He currently lives and works in Santa Ana, California with his wife and two daughters.  He very much enjoys being a part of this community and serving our youth to develop into more confident, more empathic, more empowered people through theater arts.  

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  Un Amor Picante - A Telenovela-Themed Play New Release

Comedy by Terry Schwinge

59 pages

7 m, 8 w, extras

   El Fuego, a hot sauce empireowned by the Cienfuegos family for generations, has recently been falling victim to the newer, sleeker Hielo Azul, a corporate giant that wants to crush El Fuego for personal reasons. The Cienfuego family includes Violeta, the matriarch with dark family secrets; Hector, the wandering vagabond who left the family and the business many years ago but has suddenly returned; Julio, the playboy son and heir to the empire; and Margarita, his brilliant and bookish twin sister. They, along with Julio’s supermodel girlfriend and Margarita...