Summer Theatre Programs

Tuesday, April 9, 2019








These shows are perfect for summer theatre programs or anytime of the year.  


Comedy by Wade Bradford

Cast:  5 m, 10 w, and 5-10 flexible

Camp Omigosh

Connor's summer is off to a rough start: the camp bus almost crashes, his cabin mates don't trust him, and the girls on the other side of the camp constantly outsmart him. But when he and his friends Tasha, Parker, and Kimberly investigate the mystery surrounding the "Ghost of Dead Billy," they begin a hilarious adventure that is worlds away from a typical campfire story. This haunted camp comedy with a sci-fi twist has it all: ghosts, aliens, robots, plant zombies and, of course, dodgeball. Read more.


One-act play by Bobby Keniston

Cast: 8 m, 10 w, 4 flexible (doubling possible)​

"Are We Scared Yet?” is an easy-to-produce scare fest for any theater group, and delivers a ton of laughs... and maybe even a few goosebumps!​

Are We Scared Yet?

Max and Katie are lost at a spooky campsite in the middle of the woods. Fortunately, Counselor Ned, a cheerful, but rather strange, camp counselor is there to help them out until the other campers and counselors find them. To pass the time, Counselor Ned suggests they all take turns telling scary stories, a "campfire tradition as old as time." As they take turns telling their tales, the stories come to life onstage! The story of "Taily-Po," an American folklore classic, reveals an old man living in the woods with his sarcastic dog… "The Backseat Driver" gives a new twist on a popular urban legend… and "A Girl and Her Dolly" becomes a cautionary tale of a possessive and very creepy doll. After each story, Max and Katie wonder when the other counselors will show up and lead them back to the cabins, while Counselor Ned becomes more and more mysterious. What could he be hiding? Are Max and Katie in the middle of their very own ghost story? Read more.


Musical by Stephen Murray

Cast: Large, flexible cast


*Also see the non-musical version: 

Summer of Kaos



Confusion and fun are the business of the day at Kamp KAOS, a summer camp that boasts its own 12-watt radio station. It's opening day at the camp and director Wally Schneider is already in trouble: the mortgage is due, the world's wealthiest woman wants to buy the camp, the county health inspector is coming, and the mysterious weather phenomenon El Gordo has brought a migration of mice! When Wally accidentally eats cheese laced with sedative, it's up to the wacky gang of counselors and campers to save the day. This one-set musical can easily expand or contract to the number of actors available. The otherwise rock-and-roll tinged score includes a contrapuntal march, the Gilbert-and-Sullivanesque "Wally's Life Story," the waltz to greed, "Give Me More," a "hat and cane" vaudeville tune about practical jokes, a ghost story, and the rousing "Save the Day." Read more. 


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