Strong Women Through the Ages

Tuesday, March 26, 2019



As part of Women’s History Month these plays help celebrate, inspire, and encourage actors and audiences alike.  


Full-length by Trey Clarkson

Cast:  6 m, 8 w, and ensemble cast of 7 w or more

Rosie the Riveter

At a time when the radio and the mail were the main sources of information, and ration books were in every household, Rosie is willing to shed tradition, roll up her sleeves and do her part. She is chosen to become the iconic image that will inspire so many women workers to join the cause. Read more.

"Working with mainly high school productions for the past 14 years, I kept running into the problem of a disproportionate amount of female talent and interest compared to male interest. After using every trick in the book, from adaptations to gender swapping, I decided to write my own production that could highlight the talent of my female performers."

- - The Playwright


Full-length by Will Huddleston

Cast:  Flexible cast of 9 m, 10 w, extras (or as few as 3 m, 3 w)

Amelia Earhart: Flights of Fancy

It’s 1932 and Amelia Earhart is on her first great flight: a solo across the Atlantic. Her tiny cockpit becomes filled with specters of memory as she relives fragments of her life, fragments which challenge her right to fame and her ability as a pilot. Now these memories and ghosts haunt Amelia on her trans-Atlantic solo, mocking her ambition and tormenting her with self-doubt. She summons her courage and completes the flight. Amelia goes on to become a genuinely accomplished pilot and American heroine. Read more. 


One-act play by Nelly E Cuellar-Garcia

Cast: 9 women and large ensemble of 15+​

Las Soldaderas

Set in the Sierra Madre Mountains, this historic drama follows the lives of an intrepid band of female guerilla fighters who choose to pick up rifles to defend the poor and disenfranchised from the clutches of the corrupt Mexican government and their soldiers. The play explores what it means to be a woman, known as a “soldadera” (female soldier), in the face of great adversity, for they battle not only the enemy but also their own memories of loss, love, family, and betrayal. Read more.

APPROVED UIL OAP short list of permissible productions for the one-act play contest.


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