Stockings full of plays!

Wednesday, August 22, 2018








Book and Lyrics by Florence Novelli 

Music by Bernard A. Aaron

— Christmas Musical for Young Audiences —

Bring the magic of Christmas to life with audience involvement in this hour-long musical.  Includes original songs and four traditional carols. 

Rehearsal / performance CD available. 


Stockings full of plays! 

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By Lane Riosley

Cast: 4 m, 4 w

In this faithful 1-act adaptation of the Charles Dickens classic, a traveling troupe of commedia dell'arte players re-create the Victorian world of “A Christmas Carol” on a bare stage.   Sometimes frenzied, but always fun, this dynamic adaptation puts a fresh spin on one of our most beloved holiday stories. 


By Pat Cook

Flexible cast of 15 to 50

Here's a comedy package of 12 yuletide sketches just perfect to give your audience for an evening's entertainment this Christmas! 


By Craig Sodaro

Cast: 4 m, 10 w, 3 flexible

If the wicked queen in Snow White could enchant an apple, what could she do with mistletoe?   Will the Fairy Godmama,  show up in the nick of time?

Performance time: 45 minutes


By Michal Jacot

Cast: 3 m, 3 w

Amber has invited her whole family to her new home to have the "perfect family Christmas." Once her brother, sister, parents, and curmudgeon of a grandfather show up, though, nothing goes right. When a last-minute accident prevents Amber from making Christmas dinner, it falls upon her kitchen-challenged siblings to take up the slack, with hilarious results.  Just when the dinner can't get any worse, it ends up with a twist or two that makes it, indeed, the perfect family Christmas.