Shows for Fall: Zombies, Crime, and More

Tuesday, November 17, 2020




I Want to Give You My Heart, and Eat Your Brains

This humorous story has an inclusive theme and tackles the difficulty of not feeling normal during a very challenging time of your life.

Previously discriminated against, zombies (such an ugly word) have been now given the chance to attend public school, with Ethan being chosen as the first openly undead student in his state to do so.  As he chronicles his journey on YouTube, Ethan learns the ins and outs of fitting in when you're obviously different.


Crime Scenes

These three short plays for community theatres all involve crime and they feature people so rotten, you don't care if they come to a bad end.


The Women of Blood Wedding

This play follows the surviving women from the original play by Federico Garcia Lorca. 

Set on a rural mountainside where the mother has erected a tomb to commemorate the one-year anniversary of her son’s death, she catches the eye of the character of Death along with her companion Moon. As Death tries to figure out why mothers continue to grieve, she forces the mother to relive the past that leads to the fateful confrontation between Leonardo and her son. By weaving past and present events, Death finally understands the truth of motherhood. This forceful play requires powerful actors to enact this rich story.


New Play -  written to be performed online

What happens if an online class steals a little bit of each of its students’ souls—forcing them to spend all of eternity together in Zoom?