Shelley Leiser

Shelley Leiser was a late bloomer when it came to theatre and speech. After “trying” speech and theatre late into her junior and senior year of high school (but only when it worked around volleyball), Shelley went to Simpson College to play volleyball and study biochemistry. On a whim, she auditioned for a play where she met her now husband, Zach, and realized that her passion and interest was not biochemistry. Now, She and Zach are living their happily ever after with their three kids and two dogs near Des Moines, Iowa. Shelley teaches theatre in a nearby school district, and spends her time directing school plays, developing script ideas, and hanging out with family whenever possible.

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  How to Go to a Dance Stag (And Still Look Cool)

Comedy by Shelley Leiser

72 pages

18-33 speaking roles + extras

Being a teenager is stressful enough, but it’s even worse when there is a dance on the horizon, and you don’t have a date. Four groups of students deal with the looming dance in their own way. Some conduct scientific social experiments, and others have to learn to dance. One girl finds out she is apparently “spoken for” (although she has no idea by whom), and another just locks herself in the bathroom and refuses to come out. With a little help from their friends and some “hip” parents, these students try to figure out if it is even possible to learn “How to ...