Scary Plays

Monday, August 12, 2019



Adapted by Clay Presley

from the story by Washington Irving.

Full-Length Play

Ichabod Crane, a nervous and superstitious sort, is the new schoolmaster assigned to Sleepy Hollow, a small town by the Hudson River. He sets his eyes on Katrina, the eldest daughter of rich farmer Baltus Van Tassel. But Katrina is already "claimed" by Brom Bones, the biggest bully in town! As Ichabod woos the fair Katrina, Brom schemes to regain what he considers his rightful place. He blackmails four unwilling witches into conjuring up the infamous Headless Horseman. With the help of a little stage magic, the Horseman makes a pumpkin fly overhead as Ichabod runs through the audience -- a stunning climax! Add all the other eccentric and not so eccentric inhabitants of Sleepy Hollow, and you've got a comedy perfect for Halloween or for anytime someone wants to tell a classic tale of love, revenge and intrigue. 


Full-Length Play

Two young women seeking shelter become unexpected guests at Dracula’s annual Halloween party.  Will Dracula’s affection for one of the girls keep her safe, or is she destined to be bitten and lead a vampire’s life of darkness? This frighteningly funny spoof proves that love can touch even a vampire’s heart…and that monsters really know how to party! 


Adapted by Jonathan Yukich 

from the story by Mary Shelley.


One-Act Play  

This show theatricality uses actors as lightning and thunder and professors in an intellectual Greek chorus to help transcend time and place. With its fast-paced narration and eerie landscape, this version of Frankenstein reminds us how contemporary and alive Shelley’s masterpiece remains. 


Children's Theatre

Don't leave the younger audiences out this fall!  Here's an easy-to-produce scare fest for any theater group, and delivers a ton of laughs... and maybe even a few goosebumps!