Robin Pond

Robin Pond is a playwright who lives and works in Toronto, Canada. His first short plays were high school productions in 1970 and 1971. He received his MA in English literature in 1976, and spent four years in a doctoral program studying linguistics, since what interested him the most was the language itself, and how an author’s linguistic choices could achieve a particular effect. Then the need to earn a living intervened, and Robin spent the next quarter century working in systems, in finance, and in investments. Along the way, he also obtained an MBA, an accounting designation, and a financial analyst charter. In his spare time, he continued to write. Robin only began submitting plays to festivals at the end of 2007. Since then, his plays have received over 40 productions in schools and community theatres throughout the US, Canada, and the UK.

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  Even Steven

Comedy by Robin Pond

52 pages

3 m, 2 w

Sarah and Teddy, who used to be a couple and have not seen each other since the break-up, meet by chance. Both pretend to be in relationships that don’t really exist, because neither wants to appear unsuccessful to the other. They agree to get together with their (imaginary) significant others. This leads Sarah to contact Steven Ames, the proprietor of an unusual business called Even Steven which helps its clients to get even with people who have wronged them. Steven agrees to provide Sarah with a fake boyfriend, but Steven then contacts Teddy to provide him ...