Robin Hood Play and Robin Hood Musical

Tuesday, August 28, 2018


The Legend of Robin Hood.


Get ready for adventure, love, and sword fights!  Robin Hood is one of the most enduring folk heroes in popular culture. This legendary outlaw,  who robs from the rich to give to the poor, has been around for over 700 years and yet his story still delights audiences today.  


By Pat Cook

Cast: 5 m, 5 w, 3 flexible parts, and extras

Legend Of Robin Hood...Sort Of

Would you like to hear the legend of Robin Hood? If your answer is "I Sherwood," then hitch up your gauntlets and get ready to laugh. You see, it's a little-known fact that the famous English bandit was a bit of a klutz. As a kid he practiced with a bow and violin instead of a bow and arrow, so naturally to fight the king's injustices he needed his famous band of women. Women? That's what you get when you send Little John to do the recruiting! But just as the ladies are persuaded that after they steal from the rich they have to give the goodies to the poor, Robin is tricked by a rhyming witch and is taken captive by the evil Sheriff of Nottingham. At the palace, King John holds a festival to trap all of Robin's followers. Will swordplay and derring-do, plus a lot of cheap tricks, allow goodness to triumph over evil and Robin Hood to win the hand of the lovely Maid Marian. 


By  J.L. Reiman

Cast: 28 - 34 actors

The Legend of Robin Hood

Life in medieval times is hard, especially with greedy King John sitting on England’s throne. Nottingham’s townspeople are constantly terrorized and taxed by the Sheriff and his cronies. Families who can’t afford to pay are separated from their loved ones, forced to work off debts, and even driven from their homes. Robert of Locksley finds himself in this very predicament. After losing his home, a bounty is placed on his head, forcing him to flee and leave his beloved Maid Marion behind. Robert joins a band of merry men (and women!) taking refuge in Sherwood Forest. With his perfect marksmanship and shrewd intelligence, he quickly becomes known as Robin Hood, the leader of their underground rebellion. Their plan is simple: steal from the rich and give to the poor. But the Sheriff and his men are closing in. Using a May Day contest in which the best marksman will win Maid Marion’s hand in marriage, the Sheriff is sure to capture Robin Hood and his friends. In the adventure of a lifetime, our heroes prove that bravery, resourcefulness, and stunning swordplay will win in the end. This classic and family-friendly retelling of the well-known legend brings to life another era, but the themes are timeless, and audiences will connect with the drama and humor onstage.


By Shirley McNichols

Cast: 10 m, 13 w, 3 flexible parts

Robin Hood: The Next Generation

Sir Robin Hood and Lady Marian have been married for 20 years and their beautiful daughter, Robin, is now about to come of age. The Queen insists Robin be wed to a man of royal lineage before assuming the throne. Being a woman of the next generation, Robin is naturally resentful about being married off so quickly without some romance. So she devises a contest in which the best archer and swordsman shall win her hand. Robin convinces her maid to stand in for her while she herself dresses as a man to compete to prove her point. Meanwhile, Prince Jarred resents being forced into the competition since he, too, wants to marry for love and so convinces his manservant to switch places with him. Other contenders include comic princes Harold and Gerald, poor Prince Rodney the Regrettable, and wimpy Lord Horvath whose mother has evil plans for usurping the throne. An original comedy that proves the next generation can be as entertaining as the first.



By Anna Murdock and Cami Jensen

Cast: 21 m, 16 w, extras. Doubling possible.

Robin Hood - Tales of Ye Merry Woode

In this fun retelling of the Robin Hood story the greedy Prince John is joined by his evil sister, Lady Kate. They plan to catch Robin Hood, defender of the poor, by forcing Maid Marian to marry the Prince. Not only will John and Kate gain Marian’s riches, but trap Robin Hood when he tries to rescue her. Marian and her friend Lady Beatrice disguise themselves in men's clothing to find Robin to warn him of the scheme. But when Robin and his friend Will Scarlet encounter these two “men,” a swordfight ensues! Meanwhile, the Sheriff’s men, Gilbert and Goose, are ordered to spy on Robin Hood, and they disguise themselves using Marian and Beatrice’s discarded shawls and hats! Action, romance and lots of laughs make this the merriest version of Robin Hood ever. Numerous extras as Merry Men, ladies-in-waiting, guards, servants and villagers. Opportunities for solo parts within the group songs.