Robert Frankel

Rob attended the University of Michigan where he studied acting, but graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science. An avid professional actor for over 30 years, he has spent the last 20 writing. He has written over thirty published plays, and is most at home writing wild comedy with lots of verbal wit. His comedy has been influenced by such comedians as Woody Allen and Steve Martin. He uses his computer background to spice his plays with very topical themes, and also enjoys exploring what happens when plays become "aware of themselves"! A native Chicagoan, he now resides in Rochester, Minnesota. He enjoys fatherhood with his sons Andrew and Tommy, and daughter Lizzie. Other "lifetime roles" have included radio d.j., ranch hand, singing telegram messenger, folk guitarist, magician, and bridge player. He is very open to discussing his plays and makes every effort to attend productions he is aware of that are near his home.

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  Just Kidding!

Comedy by Robert Frankel

42 pages

4 m, 5 w, 10 or more optional

Brian and Sarah are making life miserable for the other students with their constant kidding, everything from switched homework to joy buzzers. Carefree Brian and Sarah apologize with a flippant, "Just kidding," but their jokes are fast becoming not funny. Their science teacher, Mrs. Keller, arranges a little sting operation. It's a beautiful plan created by a master, but little does anyone know the final practical joke is Mrs. Keller's alone! Three self-contained sections of optional dialogue among the class president contenders (the Nerd, the Babe, and the ...