Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson has been a Utah High School drama teacher for 21 years. During those years his drama students have won 7 state sweepstakes championships. His students have also won the Utah Outstanding Play Award 9 times. (Many of which have been his originals) This is a state record. Five of the plays are published. One of the plays won a national award in 1992. His plays have been produced by high schools, colleges and universities nationwide. Johnson is the father of 4 children. Both of his daughters have won the Utah State Outstanding Actress Award in state competition and his eldest won best actress at the inter-state Utah High School Shakespearean Competition held at the site of the Utah Shakespearean Festival. His wife, Roxanna, is currently a regional director for "Head Start." He was recently awarded a Lifetime Educator award by the Utah Theatre Association.
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  New Medicine Show

Contest Play by Richard Johnson

36 pages

6 m, 9 w

An ensemble group of outlandish zany actors seek to answer this question: "Why do we have a social order in which we rank ourselves from the most dominant to the least?" They attempt to do this by acting out both hilarious and serious life situations. They do this in order to answer questions presented by the all powerful Voice. Using the Socratic Method the Voice teaches by asking questions, never answering them. In trying to answer the first question they are actually delving into the most awesome question of all, "What is the meaning of life?" The answer: ...