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Wednesday, April 24, 2019








Scene and monologue work is a great way to end the school year.  See how much your actors have grown, whether they are advanced or first-year drama students.  Resource books are also a great way to use all of this year's budget.  We've listed our newest and favorites below. 


Just Released

Resource Book

by Alexis Kozak

The Greatest of All Time

A Scene Book for High School Actors

Do you go nuts trying to find scene study material for your students?  Are you dissatisfied with the scenes you do find?  Are they too long, too short, too silly, not silly enough, too serious, not serious enough?  Written by popular playwright, director, and teacher Alexis Kozak, this collection of twenty-five award-winning four-minute scenes, based on overheard classroom conversations, is a necessary addition to any theatre teacher’s bookshelf and a must-have for any serious high school actor. Read more.


From the plays

by Bryan Starchman

You're Making A Scene!

This dynamic collection of 25 stand-alone scenes and monologues is a perfect resource for classroom, competition, or stage. The diverse material was carefully selected from playwright Bryan Starchman’s most popular shows. From playful monologues, such as “The Lunch Lady Cometh," to the more profound “And I Did Nothing,” this book provides material relevant to teenagers. Scenes include options for two to five, mostly gender-flexible actors, and use minimal sets and costumes. All of the scenes have been deftly edited so that it is not necessary to be familiar with the original play. Some additional titles include: “Five Thousand Years in Five Minutes,” in which a narrator reviews the history of Western theatre with humorous outcomes; “You’re Driving Me Crazy,” when a dad tries to teach his daughter to drive; and “Save the Last Dance for Me,” when sweethearts find themselves in an argument. So dive in, get creative, and have fun!  Read more.


Resource Book

by Vern Adix

Creative Dramatics

Here is a resource chock full of games, poems, improvisations and acting stories just perfect for beginning theatre classes. Although creative dramatics, by definition, should come from the participants, this book gives plenty of pump-priming material to use to get started. The materials are specifically designed to help budding actors, especially introverted students, gain knowledge and confidence in a familiar classroom setting, where "show-offs" can't grab the spotlight of attention as easily. The games and exercises can also serve as fun, rewarding breaks for more advanced classes. The resource is sure to inspire more ideas from your students.


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Do you like flexibilty of working with scenes?  Why not produce a show? 

Storytelling Tales

By Evan Guilford-Blake.  Cast: From 2 to 12

There’s nothing like real, live storytellers to catch the imagination of youngsters. With these six tales, each told by a pair of storytellers, students can go on an enchanted voyage, whether they’re in a classroom, cafeteria or theatre. Let your young audiences, from grades 2 through 9, connect, learn, and be entertained through these inventive scripts in one of the oldest forms of entertainment -- storytelling!