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  Something Fishy This Way Comes

Comedy by Rita Weinstein

72 pages

4 m, 4 w

Harriet Guildenstern, 20-something, has been in therapy for years because she cannot make a decision. The play opens the day before her marriage to Adrian, a strange guy who thinks he has psychic gifts. The mysterious Adrian spends all of his time upstairs behind a locked door, on the phone. Gertrude Guildenstern, Harriet's stepmother, is completely discombobulated by the upcoming wedding because she's desperate to see Harriet settled at long last. She's worried that once again Harriet will change her mind. So she keeps calling her telephone psychic, Madame O...

  Jooba Gumba Wondy

Comedy by Andrew M Frodahl

41 pages

6 m, 6 w, 10-16 flexible, doubling possible

Senior class president Todd is looking forward to the class trip to France…at least he thinks he is. His prim girlfriend, Dailyn, has been planning it for years. At the last minute, Principal Kinkade has another idea. She manipulates Todd into suggesting the remote luxurious island of Jooba Gumba Wondy. With the lure of nightlife, sand, and paradise, Kasey, Lindsey, Duncan and Jared are quick to agree. When they all arrive, however, they find that it’s anything but a five-star resort! On a hunting expedition to find breakfast, the teens are separated, attacke...

  Just a Kid at Heart

Comedy by Pat Cook

62 pages

8 m, 8 w

Freshman Bobby Hill drinks a potion that turns him from a know-it-all teen into a 25-year old man everyone thinks is the school's new assistant baseball coach. Bobby suddenly finds himself running the team, using an expense account and avoiding the coach's man-hungry daughter. "All I wanted was to play baseball," he whines to Wally, another teen who spends more time on the psychiatrist's couch than behind the plate. During the big tournament, Bobby wants to help the losing Zephyrs win, but it's every man (and boy!) for himself as he ducks newspaper reporters,...

  Just Kidding!

Comedy by Robert Frankel

42 pages

4 m, 5 w, 10 or more optional

Brian and Sarah are making life miserable for the other students with their constant kidding, everything from switched homework to joy buzzers. Carefree Brian and Sarah apologize with a flippant, "Just kidding," but their jokes are fast becoming not funny. Their science teacher, Mrs. Keller, arranges a little sting operation. It's a beautiful plan created by a master, but little does anyone know the final practical joke is Mrs. Keller's alone! Three self-contained sections of optional dialogue among the class president contenders (the Nerd, the Babe, and the ...

  Much Ado About Mathletes

Comedy by Rachel Bublitz

22 pages

2 m, 6 w

High school senior Kimberly is the founder and president of the school’s undefeated all-girl math team. She expects nothing but the best from her mathletes, especially since it’s her senior year and her last opportunity to compete and secure her legacy. Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned. One of their members is suddenly forced to sit out the rest of the season, so their first alternate — Monica H. — must step up and compete even though she longs desperately to join the drama club instead. A possible solution presents itself when Mr. Roberts tri...

  My Girlfriend's Stupid Talking

Comedy by Dwayne Lee Yancey

31 pages

3 m, 1 w, 3 flexible, extras

Erin buys a talking parrot which turns out to be under a voodoo curse. The troublesome parrot soon causes a rift between the Erin and her boyfriend, Jeremy, because she blames him for all the evil pranks the bird is pulling. The parrot is really Captain Jack, a pirate who, centuries ago, buried treasure on a Caribbean island, then cheated his shipmates out of the loot. Once in human form, Captain Jack persuades Erin and Jeremy to help him retrieve the treasure, but Jeremy winds up walking the plank instead!