Popular Play Parodies

Monday, July 22, 2019


Compete and win with these one-acts.



By Craig Sodaro

Cast: Minimum 2 m, 7 w; (Maximum 3 m, 12 w, 1 flexible)

House Haunters

Getting old feels like the end … especially for Margo. She’s worked hard to build her career and her life with husband Lars. But her 30th birthday isn’t what she planned. Already late to her own party, she and Lars quickly eat the last of the food before greeting guests. In hindsight, the crab salad may have been a little off … Apparently WAY off! Now they must start over in the after-life. But before they can rest in peace they must find a house and help the occupants. With the help of a celestial guide, they view three houses. There’s the far-out beach bungalow with equally far-out residents, the retiree craftsman with a ghost already in residence, and the rental that needs a lot of TLC. Which one will they choose? In the end, Lars and Margo gain forgiveness, and a whole new perspective on what’s really important. Read more.


By Jonathan Yukich

Cast: 8 m, 7 w

Reality Stars: Greek Gods Edition

What happens when you mix the Greek gods with reality television? In this hilarious romp, the great Greek myths are explored within a reality show framework. Thirteen gods are put under one roof, but only one can survive to sit atop Mount Olympus. “Reality Stars: Greek Gods Edition” is an inventive retelling of Greek mythology where tempers flare, lovers quarrel, and rivalries ignite. With an added modern spin, even as far as letting the audience text in their votes, it’s must-see TV – er, theatre! Run time: 65 minutes. Read more.


New One-Act Play

By Julian Felice

Cast: 3 m, 5 w, 5 flexible, ensemble, doubling possible​


PopStar takes place during the final stages of a television talent competition. The show’s immoral and unscrupulous presenter and executive producer Jools wants a particular contestant to win, and he goes to great lengths to influence the public into thinking his way. However, things do not go according to plan. With the pressure mounting under the harshest of spotlights, an unexpected twist shows that, in the cutthroat television business, few can be trusted. The play explores how the media can manipulate public opinion, an important theme in today’s unpredictable world. The show can be staged in a dynamic fashion, with a cameraman streaming the ‘live’ moments onto a large television screen, allowing the audience to also see what the 'viewers at home’ would be seeing. The signs instructing the audience how to react lead to moments of audience interaction that makes them all feel part of the event. Read more.


These shows draw inspiration from well-known shows and characters.   

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