Pop Culture Trends in Theatre

Tuesday, November 27, 2018



Did you see the giant cow this week?  What about that cat video?  Want to plan an insta-worthy "promposal"? 

These shows have themes that are trending in pop culture.  Whether it's found online, at the movies, or Netflix, audiences are sure to relate.   Will we ever have enough zombies and superheros?


Comedy by Wade Bradford

Cast: 2 m, 5 w


The high school girls’ softball team has one last shot to make it to playoffs.  However, that doesn’t seem likely since Wacy and Emma can’t seem to stop fighting, while Riley and Kylie are so inseparable that they don’t work with the rest of the team.  So instead of scheduling extra practice hours before the game, Coach forces the girls to participate in team-building activities. That’s perfect for Professor Diabolical, as he has been perfecting his evil laugh and is ready to have customers in his escape room.  Unfortunately, his assistant Brad is more focused on a single member of the team than on the minor details like clues and keys. This is one team-building exercise that goes hilariously wrong!  


Children's Theatre Play by Will Ledesma

Cast: 4 m, 2 w, 3 flexible

-- New Show --

The Hero Squad, four superhero friends, decide to make amends and invite their arch-enemy, the nefarious criminal mastermind Nikolai Oshgoshbgoshnikov, over for a Christmas party and caroling. Little do they realize, Nikolai is secretly plotting against the heroes with special eggnog designed to turn them evil. Meanwhile, an old roommate from Nikolai's past, the gargantuan bovine supervillain Angus Khan, has returned with his own plan to rule the world. The Hero Squad have a lot on their plate: Not only must they deal with the wrath of one very angry cow, as well as their arch-enemy and his terrible new invention the Doohickey of Doom, they also face a split from within. It seems that Iron Lung has accidentally ruined his sister Slapshot's dreams of playing hockey in the Olympics, leaving Slapshot angry enough to quit the team forever. Can the Hero Squad heal the scars between them long enough to pull together in one last stand against the most powerful threat they have ever faced? Will the team be defeated once and for all, or will help from an unexpected ally give them the edge they need for another victory? 


By J.L. Reiman

Cast:  17 m, 9 w, 1 flexible, extras


-- New Show --

This classic and family-friendly retelling of The Legend of Robin Hood brings to life another era, but the themes are timeless, and audiences will connect with the drama and humor onstage.



by Neil K. Newell and

C. Michael Perry

Cast: Main roles for 4 m, 8 w, 3 girls, also numerous children and adults as extras


“Anne of Green Gables,” by L. M. Montgomery, is an enduring story of innocence, joy, and the true meaning of love that has delighted and inspired readers for over a century. Now this heartwarming story of the irrepressible Anne Shirley is impressively adapted to the stage and has inspired a musical score that will knock your socks off! The story begins as Anne arrives at Green Gables and follows her through mishaps and adventures, through Matthew’s death and her reconciliation with Gilbert, and finally to her determination to stay at Green Gables and help Marilla while pursuing her education. There are 20 songs including “Breath of Air!” “Bosom Friends” “The Lady of Shallot” “The Perfect Man,” and “Bend in the Road.” This charming, faithful adaptation appeals to those of every generation.